Do You Like Chrome?

I’ll be back to semi-regular blogging soon I think.  Got the card table and the cards are slowly getting organized and will begin being sent out in early August.  If those I owe cards or were in the process of working out a trade with would comment or email what I was supposed to be sending them, that would be helpful.  Thanks.

In the meantime, please enjoy these ’08 topps Chrome inserts, pulled from way too many packs from the $1.59 bin at Target awhile back.  All are available, as (well as the base cards) except for the Trading Card History cards. I’m thinking those may be a worthy set to build.  And the Mannyfractor is already set aside for Shoebox Legends if he wants it.

Now then, onto the cards!

Refractors: Swish, Kenji Johjima, Nick Markakis, Roy Oswalt, Jon Lester Heritage Chrome /1959, Brian Bass RC, Nate McClouth, Curtis Granderson

X-Fractors: John Maine, Justin Upton, Ryan Howard, Victor Martinez, Steve Pearce Chrome Heritage /1959, Randor Bierd RC, Prince Fielder, Jermaine Dye

Pudge, Pence, & Markakis 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team, Mantle’s 470th and 480th home runs, and the big hit of the 24 packs: Joey Votto Heritage Chrome Refractor /559!

Trading Card History: Mannyfractor /400(I think), Cameron Maybin, Mickey Mantle, Alex Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez, Vlad Guerrero

Apologies for the lack of captions on a couple pics.  I’m not redoing them.  So just thank WordPress for eating ’em & proceed.  Besides, you can click on the pics to make them ginormous & readable anyway.  Grrr…

Anyway, as mentioned, all but the Mannyfractor are keepers on the last pic.  Kinda just want to get them all one version.

Alright, I’m gone. for now.


20 thoughts on “Do You Like Chrome?

  1. Paul says:

    cool cards! I’m interested in the two Vottos…what are you looking for?

  2. Cam says:

    Id love the Markakis, Oswalt, and Pence. We were gonna trade earler, but I forget what I was gonna send you.

    • lonestarr says:

      I’m not sure either. I don’t think I ever got back to you when you asked about a trade. Sorry about that.

  3. Play at the Plate says:

    I’ll be happy to round up something to send you for the 4 Rangers cards.

  4. Tim says:

    I’d take the Randor Bierd refractor added to the second round o’ stuff you were sending before. I don’t remember exactly was in it…lol a Rich Hill and/or other stuff.

    • lonestarr says:

      I remember most of the stuff to send you. Rich Hill jersey (still missing). See-throughable cards. Tyronn Lue Fleer Ultra if I ever find it. And Randor is all yours. For the Great Name collection I presume? It is a pretty awesome one. 🙂 Randor sounds like the name of an ’80s or early-’90s action cartoon character, and that takes me to my happy place. Does his name have Hall of Fame potential in the GSNHoF founder’s opinion?

      • Tim says:

        hahaha cool. And yeah, I definitely think he has a chance – lol I too had the same 80’s-90’s action cartoon character connection in my head.

  5. john bateman says:

    2008 Topps Chrome just works perfectly

    • lonestarr says:

      I know, it’s so weird. The design looks awful on the regular set (IMO anyway), but the chrome version is a DRAMATIC improvement. I wonder if they were aware beforehand that it wasn’t so good looking, but that it would pop when it was chrome’d out.

  6. Bud Bareither says:

    Those packs are very addictive. And as for trades, I sent you some WBC cards for some Mariners and Griffeys a while ago. Thanks and welcome back!

    • lonestarr says:

      Got it. Just have to go through the binder to pick out some Griffeys. Were you the one who asked about Milton Bradleys? Also, is your address still the same?

    • Lonestarr says:

      Just now packed up roughly half of my Griffey collection and some random Mariners packed up and ready to send. Is your address still the same?

  7. Shane says:

    I’d definitely be interested in the Manny! I’ve got a stack of Cubs that I’ve been meaning to send forever, I’ll try to get them out soon.

  8. wickedortega says:

    just glad to see you back in action,homie!!!

  9. wickedortega says:

    but i will take that Maybin off your hands!!

  10. BA Benny says:

    I could surely use the Mets and Mantles you have there, Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested with your collecting preferences.

    • lonestarr says:

      I got your email. Will reply eventually. Sorry it’s taking so long.

    • lonestarr says:

      Oh also, my want list is pretty up-to-date. You can get a pretty good idea of what I’m after there if I don’t email soon enough.

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