Untitled Poetry

I don’t really know how or why it happens, but from time-to-time, I get in such a way that I can fire off a full and relatively decent (going by feedback anyway) poem or song in well under an hour.  I guess it’s the poetic version of being “in the zone”.  It happened again yesterday morning sort of, though this time I know where the inspiration came from.  I awoke from a hauntingly sad dream, and some of the words were already on my lips.  So I typed them down as accurately as my less than fully awake mind would allow and went from there.  Never was able to come up with a title for it though.  Anyway, fair warning, this isn’t a happy one.  At all.

And now when I stalk these halls

There’s no one here to answer the calls

All hope is gone

There’s no smiles, nothing left to see

With all my heart I defended you for so long

But one slip-up and you’re long gone

My childish eyes, they didn’t realize

That you were having problems too

And I wasn’t there like you needed me, it’s true

Thought it was enough, to stand up for you

But you needed more than I ever knew

More than a child could ever give

More than I could hope to understand

I was too young to be a man

So you left me high & dry

To trudge through my crappy life

Left me with nothing

No hope, no happiness, no reason left to smile

It feels like a bad dream

When I stalk these halls

And you aren’t here to answer my call

It doesn’t feel right, no

Not at all

Not at all…

Until our next…

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