Gridiron Giveaway

So it turns out I did do the pimpin’ of  promising young blog Too Many Grandersons *thumbs up* in a timely-enough fashion to get a Gridiron Giveaway code.  And so I took the giveaway code and waited a pleasingly short time until the list looked fairly promising for something vintage.  I have very little pre-1980 baseball, and even less football (about 4 or 5 cards total I think), so I wanted to kick it old school.  And kick it old school I did:

1978 Saints Team Checklist

Man those are some sad team leading statistics, but whatev, it’s vintage, and Chuck Muncie was actually pretty good back in the day (and his glasses are badass), so I’m happy.  And you can’t really hope for any better than that in either of topps’ Million Card Giveaways.  Otherwise you will likely be sorely disappointed.

Anyway, thanks much for the code!  And I hope everyone else gets something they like with theirs too.

PS: @TOPPS- Your Gridiron Giveaway site doesn’t seem to be able to properly process multi-player cards.

Until our next…

One thought on “Gridiron Giveaway

  1. Dennis says:

    And now you can look forward to 10 people trying to trade you for that card and offering you some crappy 1990 Topps card! Glad you got somewhat lucky with your code, though.

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