Voice of the Collector hit the recent Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo.  He tweeted me he had picked up something to send me, so I sent my address, and a few days later there was a big bubble mailer among my little eBay ones.  It took awhile for it to register with me where it came from though because the shipping was handled online and thus looked much like the rest of the eBay mailers.  So after looking through everything in the package (twice) in astonishment and bewilderment, thinking someone I purchased something from on eBay mistakenly sent these, I finally noticed the name and address it came from.  Then it FINALLY clicked with me that this is what Rob sent.  Good ol’ David ain’t got a thing on my slow-wittedness… *sigh*

With the super secret origin out of the way, let’s see all the freakin’ awesome stuff he sent!  Not much I can add, mostly gonna let the coolness speak for itself.  So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the pretty. 😀

First the big stuff!

The backs!

Then some artist promos (and business cards!)..

The backs..

CECE-specific artist promos..

Here's what the backs of these look like..

Art by Katie Cook, Jay Shimko, Bill Pulkovski, Trevor Mueller, Connie Persampieri, Larry Elmore, and Jessica Hickman

Art by John Haun, Peter G., Steven Miller, Ken Kelly, Chris Henderson, Warren Martineck, Denise Vasquez, Bruce Gerlach, and Andy Broome..

Art by Brett Pinson, Kevin Leen, Randy Martinez, Tom Kelly, Paul Allan Ballard, Tony Miello, Corbett Vanoni, Leah Mangue, and Chris Kuchta..

Finally these two..

The backs..

And yes, these are probably about as close as I will ever get to owning a Katie Cook sketch card without pulling one:

*le sigh*...

Thanks for these great cards, Rob!  Please let me know if I can send anything in return.

Until our next…

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