Ustream Tonight

I will be doing a live break on ustream of 3 blasters I picked up cheap at Shopko last night. Their entire stock of $20 blasters was marked down to $14.99, and I also had a $10 off any purchase over $40 thing so I picked up four 2010 blasters for $12.50 apiece. Sweetness.

I opened the first one, 2010 topps206, in the car immediately after picking it up. It had nothing of note, but come see what resides in the other three at 8:30pm est/7:30pm cst this evening.  I’ll be busting a blaster of topps Chrome baseball, topps Heritage baseball, and topps Platinum football, all from this year.

Go HERE to watch my break, and then after mine is finished, hop on over to the Wicked One‘s ustream channel at 10pm est/9pm cst to watch the first part of his massive early-mid ’90s group break.

EDIT: The Cast went well, a few people showed up, pulled an auto & some nice chrome-age & fractors.  It was a good time, and the new mic works like a dream.  Come on by & say hey next time!

Quickie Sketch Card Post


Cal Ripken Jr. commission for VOTC..

D-Train w/ place for autograph..

Wonder Woman’s new costume..
Skyrocket from an upcoming project.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alucard from the anime Hellsing that I finally got around to coloring..

Until our next…

If You Thought Things were Slow with Me Before…

… I’ve officially signed up to give National Novel Writing Month a go, so it’s going to get even slower. If anyone else is doing the NaNoWriMo thing though, lemme know, I’m trying pull a little group of internet peeps together for moral/technical/etc. support.  I’m not on hiatus or closing down trades or anything, but I’m not gonna be around the blogosphere much, so I won’t be seeing most of youse guise again until December.  Keep it locked down till then.  Holla!

Let’s be writing buddies!