COMC Order #1

Check out my cards had a shipping special over Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend.  10¢ a card.  So I picked up the 77 cards I’d been storing up since about March, for $7.70 instead of over $22.  Well, I had mid-50s, but the $15 I saved on shipping allowed me to pick up about 21 more cards for immediate shipment.  And a few days ago I finally got it all scanned.  So let us check them out, one scan of one section at a time.

First up, we’ll start with vintage, cuz… why not?

1960 topps Gernert, Hobbie and Cunningham AS, 1971 topps Hoyt Wilhelm, 1975-76 New York Nets (featuring Dr. J), 1968 beat up & used Yaz checklist & Manny Sanguillen rookie, and a couple Gaylord Perry's from the latter half of the '70s..

Just stare at them for awhile.  They aren’t all the greatest of players or in the best of shape, but doesn’t staring at old cards just make you feel good?  Doesn’t it just relax you and somewhat put your mind at ease, if only for the moment?

Speaking of condition, the Wilhelm is in spectacular shape, impossibly awful centering aside.  Smooth surface, four sharp corners, and no creases at all.  Can’t ask for more of a ’71.  Only the first five are keepers, Yaz and the bottom row are available for trade.

PS: Nobody has guessed the card right yet.  Everyone that guessed may try again (on that post plz).  We’ll go until someone gets it right.

Until or next…

2 thoughts on “COMC Order #1

  1. Paul says:

    Those are some great cards. I love most of the 1950s and 60s designs. It’s not nostalgia – I’m not that old… they just seemed to put more effort into them than they do now.

    Merry Christmas

    • lonestarr says:

      Very true! Even a lot of the older designs I don’t care for have grown on me, ’71 in particular from the cards above. They seemed to have a better touch back then, not trying too hard or putting too little effort in… Usually just the right amount to make it fun and simple/clean, but also generally able to hold up okay in the long run (if through rose-tinted specs in some cases). But yeah, whatever the case, I guess they just “got it” more back in the day.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Universal Non-Denominational Holiday Celebration to you as well. 🙂

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