COMC Order #6: Mini Hamburger Edition

Yes, that’s right, the final mini from my order is one I’ve been wanted to get my saucy lil mitts on ever since I heard about it:

Mayo Hamburger

From the 2009 Mayo World’s Fair insert set comes this delicious card, which is where this dumbfoundingly delicious delicacy of dubious health content dramatically debuted (alliteration, f*** yeah!) .  Oh how I wish this card was scratch & sniff.  Don’t you wish your computer monitors were?  Yummy.

It’s a card.  Of a hamburger.

COMC Order #5: National Heroes Edition

Time for one of my buffer posts!  The next in line for the COMC order from late last year.  More minis from another set I’m collecting, 2009 Allen & Ginter National Heroes.  I think I’m in double digits now, but still tons left to go.  Take a look at what came in this order:

Sadly I didn't remember to scan the backs of these, because they are super interesting for a history geek like me.

I wonder if my wantlist for these (or anything, for that matter) is updated. (Yes, yes they mostly are…)  Anyone still have any of these they’d like to move?  Let’s make a deal!


Quick Hits

Just a few odds and ends while I’ve got a minute.

• No one ever won the guess the card suit contest, so I’ll do a drawing with those that bothered to guess when I get around to it.

(The answer was the Queen of Hearts, by the way.)

• You can count me amongst the many bloggers collecting the 2011 topps Diamond Parallel set.  I’ll start a wantlist on the proper page as soon as my loot from the group case break.  Everything I have is Rays, but I’m not quite sure which Rays they are just yet.

• I am also after Kimball Champions.  Those are some hella nice cards as well.  I’ll start the wantlist for these when my first trade involving them comes in.  Right now all I have Shin-Soo Choo and David Price, and I’ll need a second Choo, since this one is for my Choo collection.  Choo.

• I haven’t forgotten any trades in progress or to be sent.  Thank you very much for your patience.  I hope what I send will be worth your respective waits.

• I’m adding Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount to my player collections, dropping Pablo Sandoval for the time being (barely have or ever received anything of him anyway) and making other minor alterations to the PC lists as well.

• Are there any Minnesota Timberwolves collectors out there?  I have a Lazar Hayward redemption that is being redeemed as we speak and will be available for trade in maybe four months or so.  Does it help that it’s a Rated Rookie from the new 2010-11 Donruss set?

That’s it for now.  I’ll try and have an actual post for you all tomorrow.   Seeyas.