COMC Order #5: National Heroes Edition

Time for one of my buffer posts!  The next in line for the COMC order from late last year.  More minis from another set I’m collecting, 2009 Allen & Ginter National Heroes.  I think I’m in double digits now, but still tons left to go.  Take a look at what came in this order:

Sadly I didn't remember to scan the backs of these, because they are super interesting for a history geek like me.

I wonder if my wantlist for these (or anything, for that matter) is updated. (Yes, yes they mostly are…)  Anyone still have any of these they’d like to move?  Let’s make a deal!


2 thoughts on “COMC Order #5: National Heroes Edition

  1. Milwaukee Southpaw says:

    Hi Lonestarr. I saw your comment on one of my posts over at The Common (Card) Man – the Felix Hernandez leather nameplate is still there for trading, so let’s make a deal! I’d be interested in any Griffey Jr. cards or 2011 Topps Diamond parallels you may have. Just shoot me an e-mail.

  2. Hey Lonestar saw your comment on my blog tomahawk chopping, if you want the diamond parellel Mark Trumbo email me your address by thursday, its gonna be my only chance to get to the post office for another week or so.
    DerekHill1 at

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