What am I Doing Here?

It isn’t a new thought.  I ask myself every time I fall behind on trades or don’t feel like posting for an extended period of time.  I hadn’t thought about it for awhile, but ever since I read certain recent post by card blogging legend Night Owl, I can’t shake it.  I think everyone that has gotten to know me a little bit here knows how scatterbrained and unfocused I usually am.  And it does come through in my posting a little bit.  There’s an opening chapter of a story and a couple stabs at poetry amongst my posts.  There are a few random pieces of art, not to mention all those sketch cards.  The last one related to the general cardiness of things, but it’s still just me showing off my latest card-sized artwork.  And then there are two rarely ever touched post categories related to a couple of my other minor passions: video games and cooking.  I enjoy the former when I get around to it and have largely untapped talent for the latter.

I also quite like comic books/anime/manga/classic (as in good ’80s/’90s) cartoons/action figures, and hope to work in at least the first of those fields at some point in the relatively near future (ideally).  I am a proud second-generation geek, what can I say?  And though my overall interest ebbs and flows, I also like pro wrestling.  I was such a fan in my youth that I actually wanted to be a wrestler, making this one of my longest standing dreams of the more unlikely variety.  Heck, I even recapped TNA iMPACT! for a humor/tasteless satire wrestling website for close to a year back when the show first went to two hours.

So yeah, I’m into all kinds of random shizz, and I am capable of doing almost anything reasonably well with little effort/practice.  Not having to work hard to become knowledgeable or skilled at a fair amount of things has made me incredibly lazy-brained over the years, which leads me to constantly wander, looking for whatever new thing I can find to occupy my time when I’m not doing the usual things that continually, if not constantly, hold my attention.  Lately I’ve been trying extra hard to learn how to sing decently, despite (or maybe because) music is the one thing I’ve always enjoyed that I have displayed nary a hint of talent for.  I doubt it’s working in any meaningful way, but I’m rarely told to shut up when I do it anymore.  Maybe the gravelly, bluesy voice I’ve been trying to find ever since I realized how gravelly my voice gets when I’m tired is working for me though, lol.

Anyway, the point is, I’m always finding new things that grab my attention, and even things that don’t take for long rarely go away for good.  So I’m constantly building up more and more things without ever giving anything up.  A whim can hit me at any time to go check up on any little thing that has found it’s way into my focus at some point and I gotta go check it out, even stupid things I don’t like (*cough*government*cough*) but occasionally feel like I should get up-to-date on because I used to be (and maybe still am/could be again) borderline prodigiously intelligent.  I feel like I could even write about those things with an above average degree of understanding and skill if I ever felt like it.

So I guess maybe it’s supposed to be about the cards, but they can’t always keep my interest.  I am what I am, so I will continue to do what I do, and post about whatever happens to be of interest to myself at any given moment.  I hope it’s not something I lose any of my laughably small, but vitally important, readership over, but I have to be true to myself.  And for me, that is what being true to myself entails.  Cards will always be an important part of this blog, but I feel like I have more to say about a variety of things I enjoy and/or care about, so I’m going to start saying them.  Hope you’ll still be there to tell me what you have to say.

And after all of that, I should probably point out that I have tons of recently arrived cards to scan (and a Headliner to take a picture of) and post about.  There are about four trades already arrived with at least one more on the way, all three group breaks have arrived, and I’m expecting over 60 cards that had been building up since late last year on Check Out My Cards to arrive in the coming week.

Ah, I needed that…

3 thoughts on “What am I Doing Here?

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    I’ll still be reading!

  2. spastikmooss says:

    I’ll definitely keep reading. I worry about it myself too – I don’t usually keep hobbies too long either, so the fact that my blog has been running strong for as long as it has is obviously pretty crazy to me. You can kind of see my restlessness in my pcs….one day they’re there, next they’re not. So I sort of get it, and will happily read whatever you put on this thing haha.

  3. night owl says:

    I enjoy cooking and singing is an untapped talent for me, too. (Music is my first love).

    Do what you wanna when you wanna. And we’ll read when we wanna 🙂

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