Mantles a Trois… What Happens Next?

After spending too much time being made paranoid in the Blowout forums, I’ve decided… I don’t care anymore.  I’ve no less or more faith in any licensed manufacturer than I do vintage, and as has been pointed out, the swatches look and feel like they should.  So with that said, I’ve come to terms on a trade with Project ’62 entirely via twitter (it’s even more useful than imagined!) for one of the Mantles, the second will available be for sale shortly, and the one with the most dinged up frame I am going to crack open myself, to have a look at the swatch.  Then I’ll be getting in touch with Condition: Poor to see about having a custom card made for the swatch.  I think this is Project ’62’s plan as well, except, without spoiling it, his plan may be even more ambitious.

That’s about all there is left to say on that front.  Shoot me an email (sidebar, link, google account page, etc…) if you’d like to make an offer on the for sale Mantle.

In other news, I’m on a sketch card set again.  It’s not paying, but I’ll have five or so Artist Proofs I can sell.  It’s to promote (and help fund?) a cool indie comic a couple facebook art peeps are in the process of creating called FATSA: Lord of the Dragons.  I’ll let you know when it drops, because from what I’ve seen of it, it’s going to be awesome, and my nerdier readers may well want to pick it up.

FATSA hisself..

I also had $10 worth of COMC inventory shipped, which includes all the trade bait I’ve picked up here & there on that funderful site.  So I’ll have plenty more scanning to do again soon.  Heck, maybe this blog will start posting regularly for awhile again in the near future… Well, maybe. November is NANOWRIMO and possible jury duty and I have a sketch card set that, while having plenty of time to work on, I’d like to get through with plenty of time to spare.

That’s it for today I guess.  Thanks for stopping by!

Yes I am exceedingly proud of the title of this post.  Why do you ask?