COMC Keepers: Basketball y Football

Hi!   Wow, we’re gonna be posting two days in a row!  If I may be so bold as to promote an internet buddy of mine’s podcast for my nerdier readers out there before we get to it, I’m listening to the latest Nerd Nation Podcast (with guest Savage Hawkman’s Mark Poulton) as I type this.  Lots of technical difficulties this week, but the interview is aces.  Check the archives too, they tend to get some pretty outstanding guests.

With the unsolicited promotion out of the way, let’s get right into this here recent COMC order then.  We’ll start with the basketball & football keepers I guess, since that’s what I typed in the title section.

First up, new Steven Jackson!

Early 2000s Upper Deck multisport Moss/KG and an LT /799..

Shakespearean Actor Eddie George!

It’s true.  He’s Julius Caesar!  I can’t find the review, but he’s apparently pretty good.

Sweet Spot Warrick Dunn, Prestige & BowSter Jamaal Charles..

Upper Deck & Philadelphia Marques Colston jerseys..

Flashback Fabrics and Blue Inception /209 MJDs. Two of the swankier cards in the whole lot. Good stuff..

Kareem Sticker, embossified AI, Jersey AI, LeClair, Granger, Love, and Pierce..

I guess LeClair isn’t strictly a keeper, but I’d need a Byfuglien or Marian Hossa relic for it, so the window is pretty narrow.  That’s also my first hockey swatch card.  My only other Hockey hits are Doug Gilmour and (I think) Tim Taylor autos.  I guess Kareem and Kevin Love could be had too, if you have something similar of someone I might like more.

Reflections football was one of my faves from the past decade, so being able to get the jersey third of my impending Paul Pierce trifecta from the basketball version was nice.

Studio Deron Williams powder blues & a Luther Head auto that's all kinds of classy. The ink is even silver. Freakin' sweet..

Finally, Luol Deng Bowman sticker auto, Trilo3y jersey, & Sterling jerseyfractor /199..

And that’s all for this one.  Baseball keepers are on deck (also Bears, I’m not going back and adding more to this post), random keepers in the hole.  All I need to do is hunt up my Deng & Head rookies or upgrade to cooler ones (all I have of either is plane ol’ Topps I think), and kapow, Trifecta complete!  Thanks for reading, folks. 🙂

Until our next…

A Little Something to Heat Up the Coldest Morning of the Year…

Hi!  I’m still around… THE HORN, err… and kicking.  Pretty worn out and a little achy after being out for a few groceries in the suddenly stupidly cold weather, and doing up 25 scans tonight.  The awkward angle I was working on the scanning from probably didn’t help.  Need a higher place to sit the scanner.

Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a Benchwarmer kick since the money I put up for myself to buy a single expensive card I wanted for my birthday (the 9th, 27 now, so old, get off my lawn, blah blah blah, tacopants, etc…) proved as futile as my other attempts to celebrate leveling up another year.  It was gone right when I finally had the money there, but eh, I may get bitchy about it, but I roll with the punches well.  Thus, back to eBay after a good long hiatus for some Benchwarmers I collect.

So, without further ado, here’s a little of that competent but half-assed nonsense hidden behind pretty pictures you’ve come to expect of me before I hit the deck.

Project: S.T.A.L.K.E.R lives! + a Gail Kim auto.

The scan doesn’t even begin to do justice to the gold card top right.  Bright gold foil with gold glitter trim.  Hard.  Core.  You can see a slight difference in the background color on the two cards that look otherwise the same.  Apparently the right one is a gold parallel, but man that is lazy.  And if you know my blog or myself around the net, you know that I freakin’ know lazy.

This is my second Gail Kim auto, the first being an Americana auto/relic from back when I could regularly spend well over $10 on a card without fretting.  Those were the days… I got this one for $1.77, and a shade under $5 with shipping.

And, as you may remember from my Benchwarmer posts in the past, there is still more to see.  Show me those backs!

Boo. Tay. You're welcome. 😛

I’ve got a Brooke Morales auto and an older Benchwarmer box (2006 I think) that I picked up for just over the price of a blaster on the way, so be on the lookout for those.  Also stay tuned for some Check Out My Cards goodness as well, seeing as it’s finally all scanned up, edited, and ready for posting.  And with that I’ll just let you enjoy these fine scans and be on my way.

Until our next…