The Silly Man-Child Returns!

Yes!  I’m back, baby.  Now let’s see if I remember how to do this.

Finally out from under stupid apartment inspection BS (until fall at least), so I can concentrate things I actually give a damn about.  As such, I’ve done a boatload of scanning and editing to managable chunks, been updating my lists behind the scenes, and I’ve pulled together a few trades to send out in the very near future.  Funner Here, Baseball Dad, Night Owl, Shot Not Taken, Dayf, Paul, and Wicked Ortega should expect something from me this month.  Maybe there will be others that make it out, I do have several piles set aside for people (if you like Michigany things, Football Giants & Saints, or Colts, have I got good news for you!) but eh, you know how I do.  Slow like a stoned sloth.  Or… something.

Also, no long ago promised trade bait postings yet on account of not remembering what all I was actually planning to post or where all the scans are, and having quite a bit of new stuff here and soon to be arriving as well.  Most notably 16 Diamond and Cognac Legend SPs from 2011 Topps just arrived from COMC on Friday.  I really, really like these, but 11-14 of them will be available for trade, depending on how attached I get to certain ones besides the two specifically for myself.

In other news, I won an uncut sheet of 2012 Bowman’s Best inserts from one of the many contests Topps’ twitter person runs on an almost daily basis and it is FREAKING AMAZING.  Holding off on pics for now because it’s so huge I’m probably going to need to have a custom frame built for it.  The most awesome thing about this thing is that of every brand ever to come and go in this great hobby of ours, Bowman’s Best is probably my one true, single most absolute favorite.  I’m also collecting the set in individual form, so if you got some, trade ’em to me!  Also need a lot of last year’s still too.  I believe my wantlist for the 2011 set is up-to-date.

That’s all for now.  I’ll leave you with one of my sweet pickups for myself that I brought along back with the above mentioned shiny in the latest COMC order.

Darrell Evans RC..

Mike: That dorky lookin’ feller in the middle is gonna hit over 400 career home runs?  Seriously??

Rick: … Buh?

Yeah, on that note, thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…

3 thoughts on “The Silly Man-Child Returns!

  1. Baseball Dad says:

    Just glad to see you put down a few words !!

  2. Welcome back! You got me pegged for Giants and Saints (Jets are fun too). We’ll have to get something going.

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