Ultra-Pro for the Busy Mom?

Ap-parent-ly! Oh the puns…

I don’t know if this is brilliant or ridiculous, I just know I needed some of the pages for bigger cards and the single one for one of my bigger Raven sketches.  You’d think if these were specifically for coupons for non-card collecting women/parents/whoever does the brunt of the shopping/whatever/etc, that they would be somewhere more visible than the card aisle with the rest of the card supplies!

Is you biological clock ticking yet?  How about now?

4 thoughts on “Ultra-Pro for the Busy Mom?

  1. I’ll put in a vote for “brillliant”. I never would’ve thought of that, and I’m the one who does the shopping in my house.

    • lonestarr says:

      They are pretty flimsy, but that’s just fine for coupons. It’s probably easier to get them in & out that way.

  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Hah! Never seen one of those before, interesting…

    • lonestarr says:

      They are pretty flimsy, but the 8 count ones should hold old Bowmans and maybe Topps Big, and the 6 count are more than big enough for wide vision Star Wars cards and the various taller basketball sets that have come out over the years and things of that nature.

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