I Want Your Prizms

It seems nobody out there likes Panini’s Prizm baseball offering.  Well, despite the dubious 2012-ness of them (c’mon Panini, these came out even later in 2013 than 2009 UD Signature Stars came out in 2010), I love the things.  The lack of logos don’t bother me any.  The design is quality, and the cards are thick & substantial.  I think I’ve bought about 10 packs without even a lot to show for them and I’m not regretting the purchases at all.

I dunno if what it is about Panini’s alternate take, or if it’s just because it is a viable alternate take to Topps’ increasingly forgettable Chrome, but I’m fine basically paying out the ass for these when I’ve never been okay doing that with Chrome, even in years when it doesn’t suck.  To compare, my less than half as many Topps Heritage, and a lone pack of the putrid lameness that is 2013 Gypsy Queen, were met with immediate regret.  Topps tone-deaf nostalgia-based offerings both have more cards, but Heritage rarely fails to leave me feeling empty inside, and 2013 is no exception (the exception would be 2009).  I also know 2013 GQ has probably the finest looking slate of inserts, parallels, & hits of it’s brief three year tenure as a thing that exists, but I didn’t pull any of that good stuff, and the base set is just ass.

So yeah, whatever.  I like Prizm enough to take an actual (if probably ultimately doomed) stab at the base set, if not an all out mini master set of base + all inserts.  So if you have some, I want them.  I want them ALL!  I’ll take regular and colored (blue, red, greengold?  I might be wishful thinking on that last one ;)) refractors (Prizms, whatevs.  They are the same thing.  Prizms just haven’t been run into the ground yet.) off your hands too if you have them.  No chance at getting complete sets of them cuz money is hard, but I wouldn’t mind landing some of my player collections and a Sensational Single Page of randoms of the regular and first three colors anyway.

Feed me more..

That’s all I got to say right now.  Thanks for stopping by to read me ridicule Topps’ shitty early season offerings while praising that thing all of you seem to hate so much.  Just hit me up in the comments or email me (address is on me google account linked on the sidebar) if you have some unwanted Prizms (I also need at least 3/4 of the Finalists set from the basketball version of Prizm if you got ’em), and we can work out a deal.  I’ll also try not to take so long between posts.  It isn’t like I’m hurting for things to jibba-jabba about.  Peace.

Still here, just getting there…