When it’s nice out, I walk to the mall to draw in center court every once in a great while.  Since I don’t have a computer with me when I do this, I have to buy a pack of cards and use a good player for reference.  Here’s the couple I have side-by-side views of the sketch card and the regular card of…

First up, Stephen Strasburg..

First up, Stephen Strasburg..

It was a good thing I pulled this card, because it was probably the only one in the pack that was worthy of being drawn.

Tulo, with background color..

Tulo, with background color..

The watercolor pencils gave it a nice touch.  I suppose I should do the other four like that one of these days.  Speaking of which, here are the three I didn’t to get side-by-side scans with.

Albert Pujols..

Albert Pujols..

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Evan Gattis..

Evan Gattis..

The latter trio came from series two.  Pujols got a weird ding on the back from me carrying them around in my arting backpack a bunch.  It also occurs to me I’m missing the Jurickson Profar I did based off his U&H card… It doesn’t look like I ever scanned it.  Weird.  It is in the box with all the rest, so I will try to remember to scan it and post it whenever I have another batch of art to post up.

But anyway, I will close by saying these are all available for sale or trade.  Do keep them out of harm’s way if you are interested though.  I do not have fixative, nor do I really know how to use it.  Erasers and direct sunlight are big no-no’s.

That’s all I got.  Hit me up if interested.  Stroking my ego with compliments on my otherworldly skillz is also nice. 😛

And now to watch an episode or two of Fairy Tail (the anime resolution is going well thanks to this and the glorious insanity that is Space Dandy) and then hit the hay.  Stay tuned next time for my first trade post in just short of for forever.  Thanks for stopping by!

Me make pretty…

4 thoughts on “Card-Sketch-Cards

  1. Great job! I wish I had your talent with faces.

  2. Maria says:

    Those look great!

  3. Hackenbush says:

    Not because you asked, but sincerely those are among the best I’ve seen.

  4. Those are fantastic! You’re extremely talented!

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