The Sketch Card Sale-A-Thon Part 2

Time now for the next bunch of sketch cards I picked up all from this one seller.


Mockingbird by Mauro Fodra..

This one is for the miscellaneous licensed Marvel sketch card page and it is pretty fantastic for the just under $8 price tag.  Definitely one of the nice Fodras.


Dagger by Johndell Snead..

Breakin’ up the Mauro Fodra-fest (there are two more coming) with some Daggers.  Here’s a nice shot by Johndell Snead.  I wish I had the skillz to do anything remotely dynamic like that.

Dagger by Stefanie Battalene..

Dagger by Stefanie Battalene..

This is card is phenomenal.  It almost looks it glows.  Stefanie Battalene is a top-notch artist and I’m super psyched that I’ll have at least three sketch cards by her in my binder when this sketch card buying frenzy is all said & done.  Outstanding work.

She-Hulk by Mauro Fodra..

She-Hulk by Mauro Fodra..

This was also a nice effort for the same price as the Mockingbird.  I like it when She-Hulk actually has muscles.

She-Hulk by Felipe Alves..

She-Hulk by Felipe Alves..

It’s not an absolute necessity though.  This is the other Felipe Alves card I mentioned in the prior post, and despite lack of defined muscles, it is also good.

Scarlet Witch/ She-Hulk puzzle

Scarlet Witch/ She-Hulk puzzle by Mauro Fodra..

Another Mauro Fodra.  Not sure what to do with it though.  Puzzle won’t work on She-Hulk page cuz one isn’t She-Hulk, and I won’t break them up.  But it won’t go on the misc. Marvel full color page cuz She-Hulk is on it.  So I guess I’m gonna have to start some other page for it.

That’s all for today.  We’ll do the third part of this saga once they get here and have been scanned.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…