On This Date…

… in 1985, I was born.  And the world trembled.  I’m not one to do much celebrating (being poor and having almost no local friends probably has something to do with this), so how about we just finish off the sketch card pickups then?



This was the only one of the bunch not from that one particular seller.  It is pretty great, but I can’t read sigs of people I don’t know via Facebook or whatever that don’t write out their full name, so I don’t who this one is by.  I will edit to attribute credit here & on the sketch card page when/if I ever find out.

Black Widow by Felipe Alves..

Black Widow by Felipe Alves..

Another Felipe Alves.  I picked this one up purely because her face reminds me of someone I know, and not because she’s tied up.  That’s just a bonus. 😛

Dani Moonstar by Cal Slayton..

Dani Moonstar by Cal Slayton..

This is another one that’s borderline “I could do one this good”, but 1.) I like Cal’s style, and 2.) There isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to Dani Moonstar cards, so I grabbed it, and I am quite pleased with my purchase, thank you veddy veddy much.

Nico Minoru by Stefanie Battalene..

Nico Minoru by Stefanie Battalene..

Finally, one more trip to the Stefanie Battalene well.  This card is just absolutely spectacular and phenomenal and mind-blowingly fantastic.  This isn’t just a centerpiece for my Miscellaneous Marvel Full-Color Sketch Card Page, it is one of the best cards in my entire collection.  Short of the heavy hitters that are way beyond my means (Melike Acar, Charles Hall, etc.), Stefanie Battalene has gotta be within the next couple tiers.

And with that, I am outta here for today.  Because what better way to celebrate one’s birthday than by going out in bone-chilling cold on when you are tired and not fully recovered from the stomach sickness?

But anyway, thank you for stopping by!

Until our next…

3 thoughts on “On This Date…

  1. lonestarr says:

    Thanks! 😀

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