A PWE in the Night

Changing it up from the burgeoning string of sketch card posts, I got a PWE from surefire first ballot Hall of Fame card blogger, real life sports journalist, and 1975 Topps Mini enthusiast Night Owl during those 10 dark days I went without a functioning computer.  I claimed these four cards from his lone pack of Topps Update, and here they be.

George Springer hot pack!

George Springer hot pack!

Some great looking cards there.  Outside of a very nice run of Donruss Series 2 fat packs I ought to post about if I’m back from outer space to stay for awhile, I bought precious little current stuff this year.  The little bit of 2014 Topps to cross through my collection was actually rather nice though.  Here we have a Springer RC and one of those rad ’89 Topps Remix minis, King Felix yucking it up with MLB Network (I’m going with Intentional Talk as my guess as to who is on the other end of the tin can and string), and Topps meanspiritedly calling Jose Abreu a turd.

I keed, I keed… The back says on April 25th, 2014 against the Tampa Bay Rays, he became only the second rookie ever to hit a walk-off grand slam in the month of April, following in the footsteps of Ron Lolich of the Cleveland Indians in 1973.

The More You Know...


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