Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright…

Lady Zorro..

Lady Zorro bustin’ out..

Here’s a sketch card from a set I never would have expected in a million years, and yet here we are.  This comes from The Women of Zorro by 5finity.  I assume the characters all come from the comics.  I know there have been Zorro comics off & off for the past 20 or so years anyway, though I’ve never really read any.  I picked up the ridiculously huge Humble Dynamite Bundle yesterday, even though I really shouldn’t have due my precarious levels of brokeness, and there are several Zorro comics in it, including a Zorro/Django crossover I’m desperate to give my away my extra Bob’s Burgers #1s in order to unlock.

But anyway, this is one of the best looking sketch cards from the set I’ve come across, and it only set me back $10.50.  Maybe I’ll grab the other three characters represented in the set if I can find ones this nice for a similar price.

Thanks for choosing me over your loved ones this Christmas Eve. 😛

Until our next…

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