The Junkwax Revitalization Project! #1

No matter the canvas, an artist gotta art.  And so begins The Junkwax Revitalization Project, where I take worthless junkwax era commons…

Bob Front

1987 Topps Bob Sebra..

…like so, and transform them into magnificent *cough* works of art.  Now let the transformation commence!

Tim Raines sketch card

Tim Raines repurposed sketch card..

Bob Sebra digivolved to… Tim Raines!  This is actually the fourth card I’ve transformed (Frank Thomas on a 1990 Topps Ron Karkovice was my first, teehee), but bumming around the card blogs a lot ever since I got my new computer just over a week ago has me in the mood to blog again and Rock is fresh, so here you go.  If I get to blogging with some degree semi-irregularity again, maybe this will become a regular segment.  Me drawing on old junkwax is going to keep happening regardless.

This card is available for sale or trade.  Feel free to throw a little cash and/or some cards I like (lots of various wantlists on my sidebar, and I’m looking for quality over quantity right now) my way if you’d like this beaut or wish to commission one of your own.  I’ll even draw on a junkwax star or something older or newer (provided it’s not glossy) if you’re feeling particularly kinky. ;P

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

(Oh wait, also a quick shout out to the Legend hisself for being the only person to vote on the twitters when I put who to draw on this card up for the choosing)

Until our next…