Ending January on an Artistic Note

There were three more sketch cards in January’s¬†shipment from COMC, so let’s end the month with a quick post¬†showing ’em off!

Lady Demon, my beloved She-Hulk, and Hit-Girl..

Lady Demon, my beloved She-Hulk, and Hit-Girl..

The kinda iffy, if you’re feeling exceptionally diplomatic about it, Hit-Girl only cost $3, which more-or-less made up for the rad Lady Demon and She-Hulk pushing the edge of my spending comfort zone. ¬†I checked eBay for Chaos sketch cards though, and at least at the time, $12.44 had everything on there beat by $7.50, at minimum. ¬†Shulkie was the most expensive, but I can justify the purchase without too much difficulty. ¬†All three together weighed in at under $10 per card, and the main two kick ass, so I’m content. ūüėõ

In other news, I added a few more Single Page Sensations on top of the metric buttload I added in my previous post, and I’m going to make like Baseball Card Breakdown and cut full player collections off at 100 cards, which means a fair amount of my lesser Nomahs, Vlads, Rynos, Aramiseseses, and maybe Ichiros are about to become available.

That’s all for now. ¬†Thanks for stopping by, and seeya in February! ūüôā

A storm is coming…

RIP, Mr. Cub…

Just basically been crying off & on for the past 20 minutes. ¬†I was just going to post stuff I got in a trade when I got back tonight. ¬†I don’t think the words to describe the importance and awesomeness of Ernie Banks have been invented yet. ¬†I… I dunno what to say. ¬†I’m just gonna leave these artistic renditions of the brightest and most revered star in my team’s rich history.

By Dave the Cardboard Junkie..

By Dave the Cardboard Junkie..

I guess that all these

tears mean I still have a soul

Thank you for all the

memories of your great life

in the greatest pastime, Ernie

By me..

By me..

We’ll miss you forever, Mr. Cub…

Old New Sketch Cards

As the title states, most of these were originally drawn in 2011, and it took me until almost a week ago to finally get around to coloring (and in some cases, inking) them. ¬†So we might as well take a looksie at them on the ol’ blogaroonie. ¬†It never stopped me before, but be aware there be edited nekkidness at the end of this post. ¬†So if you don’t wish to see it, stop reading this post after the sixth card.

Green Lantern Guy Gardner..

Green Lantern Guy Gardner..

First up is the Green Lantern known as Guy Gardner. ¬†He’s kind of a douche, but I sure did color him nice.

The Punisher..

The Punisher..

Batting second is a slickly-shaded Punisher.  A little too slickly-shaded for how mediocre the sketch originally was, but that probably goes without saying.  I am who I am, after all.



Hawkman has never been a great or terribly interesting character, but one of the very few complaints I have about the DCAU is that they turned him into a kinda creepy weirdo stalker.



Batting cleanup is the surpringly well-represented in cartoon form Firestorm. ¬†Dig that Kirby Krackle in the background. ¬†It’s much, much easier to make with marker than pen, by the way. ¬†My hand is grateful.



Screw dat red bullshizz, Nightwing wears blue. ¬†You’d have to pay me¬†at least double to commission any New52 character designs. ¬†New52 is the brown streak on the freshly cleaned underwear of DC Comics.



Ah, I was coloring so well until I got to her face. *le sigh*

We have come to the end, so if you do not desire to see blotted out lady parts, scram now or forever hold your peas.



Yep.  There you go.  Nekkid Rogue.  Someday the unedited version will probably make it to deviantArt or something.  Or you could buy it and have the poorly drawn lady parts all to yourself.

Same goes for everything else.  As always, on art posts like this, pretty much everything is for sale or trade.  So if you see something you wanna own, hit me up and we can work something out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next..

Starfire, Up Close and Personal

Just a quickie post before I hit the hay, because I have to get up relatively early tomorrow to see the next airing of Wrestle Kingdom 9 that I didn’t make it over in time to see tonight (I ate almost a whole pizza and inked & colored a few more old sketch cards instead). ¬†So I present you one of the last four sketch cards I did in the waning days of 2014.

Dat detail tho..

Dat detail tho..

As the title indicates, this is indeed Starfire of the Teen Titans. ¬†She is one of my go-to sketch card characters, because quite frankly, coloring white people is kinda tedious and boring. ¬†I just like coloring a lot more in general when I can use vibrant, interesting colors. ¬†Anyway, I felt like I was putting entirely too much effort into these cards while I was doing them, since I didn’t put near as much effort into the earlier stages, but I don’t hate how things turned out. ¬†Anything but perfect, but a fairly spirited effort, I’d say.

Pretty much all the cards I do are available, so if you should ever happen to like anything I do enough to want to own it, hit me up and we can work something out!

That’s all I’ve got for now. ¬†Thanks for stopping by.

Until our next…

What the Future Holds…

I guess I better get to the 2015 round of resolutions I cannot possibly keep while we’re still in the afterglow of a new year’s dawning.

Collection Goals

15 trades- I think I got close enough to my goal of a dozen last year not be entirely disappointed in myself, so let’s up the ante. ¬†I already have two that are slowly coming together, one with longtime frequent trading partner Shot Not Taken¬†and another with¬†Baseball Card Breakdown. ¬†I’ve also pulled out some odds & ends for a few other bloggers, and I’ll start sending out emails to the lucky(?) perspective trading partners soon. ¬†I also reserve the right to add the two I got in just under the gun in 2014 if they get me over the hump at the end of the year, since their actual arrivals did and/or will take place in 2015. ūüėõ

Finish the following Single Page Sensations- I am over halfway done on almost all of the following, so I’d like to finish as many as possible.

Cubs: Albert Almora (5/9), Javier Baez (8/9), Kris Bryant (7/9), Tyler Colvin (6/9), Ron Santo (6/9)

Other Baseball: Dick Allen (6/9), Roberto Alomar (7/9), Albert Bell (7/9), Carlos Santana (6/9)

Bears: Charles Tillman (6/9)

Basketball: Luol Deng (7/9)

Wrestling: Victoria/Tara (7/9)

BenchWarmer: BenchWarmer model (none over 3/9)

Baseball Sets: 2011 Topps Legend Variations (6/9),¬†2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Legend Variations (8/9),¬†2012 Topps Museum Collection “Canvas Collection” Baseball (8/9),¬†2014 Topps Museum Collection “Canvas Collection” Baseball (6/9 if I keep Strasburg)

Football Sets: 2013 Topps Museum Collection “Canvas Collection” Football (8/9)

Add 2 new licensed and 5 new personal Raven sketch cards- The former are crazy expensive for a B-list team character and there just aren’t a whole lot of either to go around. ¬†I think these are pretty reasonable numbers to strive for though.

Finish both the licensed and PSC DC Comics miscellaneous Single Page Sensations- I am starting the year at 4/9 licensed and 3/9 PSC.

Complete any other sketch card Single Page Sensation- Lots to choose from, but I’m over halfway done on but a very few.

Blog Goals

Write 80 new posts- Again, we’ll up the ante a juuuust a smidge from 2014. ¬†I did a good job of posting with a fair degree of regularity when I was actually here and posting in the year gone by, so I think I can average a little better than 1.5 posts per week in the year to come. ¬†I’m not going to make any requirements on the number of non¬†#collect-focused things this time though. ¬†I feel that was a small contributor in falling off the map so early last year. ¬†I’m stupid (not true, but I am very, very¬†lazy), so I’m going to keep it simple.

Art Goals

Complete 50 new sketch cards- I managed 38/50 last year (1 side of that weird Marvel two card puzzle was completed). ¬†That was close enough to not feel too¬†much shame, especially in light of how much I managed to draw in total. ¬†Still, this isn’t close enough to up the ante, so I will give the same number a good go again in 2015. ¬†Paul Molitor (repurposed) and Boromir of Gondor (artist tile) are the first two in the queue.

100 total new works- I’m pretty sure I coasted past this number last year, and if you consider the multiple pictures on single pages as individual works, then I did even better. ¬†Everything was unofficial, however.

Finish 30 old sketch cards- I barely finished any old cards in 2014, and I don’t feel like I did a very good job on what I did do, so I’m making this a point of emphasis in the new year. ¬†I’m off to a good start, having already finished seven oldies on January 2nd (also colored most of two others). ¬†I’m also happy to report my coloring seems to be back to nearly as strong as it was at the height of my powers a couple years ago.

You can keep track of my 2015 art progress HERE.

Writing Goals

Finish a first draft of any novel idea- I barely got anywhere on anything last year, and while I’d like to say a more stable computer situation would have helped, I’m not so sure… ¬†There can be no excuses this year though. ¬†I just bought the one I’m currently writing from a month ago, and I hope to have a laptop, and the additional mobility that entails, to go with it by spring.

Meryl Davis Autograph!

Here is your reward for sticking around to the bitter end: Please enjoy my best pull of 2014, a Meryl Davis autograph! ‚ô•

Aaaand that’s all for this post I guess. ¬†There are plenty of other things I’d like to accomplish in 2015, but these are the most pressing and/or well-defined. ¬†A bit simpler than last year, and I’m sure I’ve probably broken a couple resolutions already, but thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…

Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright…

Lady Zorro..

Lady Zorro bustin’ out..

Here’s a sketch card from a set I never would have expected in a million years, and yet here we are. ¬†This comes from The Women of Zorro by 5finity. ¬†I assume the characters all come from the comics. ¬†I know there have been Zorro comics off & off for the past 20 or so years anyway, though I’ve never really read any. ¬†I picked up the ridiculously huge Humble Dynamite Bundle yesterday, even though I really shouldn’t have due my precarious levels of brokeness, and there are several Zorro comics in it, including a Zorro/Django crossover I’m desperate to give my away my extra Bob’s Burgers #1s in order to unlock.

But anyway, this is one of the best looking sketch cards from the set I’ve come across, and it only set me back $10.50. ¬†Maybe I’ll grab the other three characters represented in the set if I can find ones this nice for a similar price.

Thanks for choosing me over your loved ones this Christmas Eve. ūüėõ

Until our next…

Cloak Sketch Card

Marvel Now! Cloak..

Marvel Now! Cloak..

I picked this excellent sketch card of the Marvel C-lister up late last month for $5.58 w/ free shipping, because I felt like I needed a Cloak to go with the five Dagger sketch cards I have at present.  They are two of my all-time favorite comic book characters for one very important reason.  When I was but a wii youngling, my dad had two big stacks of old comic books on the bottom of a huge bookcase in my room, and their earliest appearances featured prominently in there.

Those stacks are also the reason I have a soft spot for Jonah Hex and mark out hard for all of his DCAU appearances. ¬†Issues 1-11 of Hex, his adventures in a post-apocalyptic future were in there. ¬†There were also several Digest-sized DC Comics amongst the actual books, which included “Whatever Happened to the Crimson Avenger”, a short story that has stuck with me throughout the years and become one of my all-time favorites.

A few collections of newspaper comics also made an appearance on that magical bookcase. ¬†This is the reason I’m one of the 8 people in the world today who knows of Tug McGraw’s fantastic ’70s baseball comic Scroogie, even though it came and went nearly a decade before I was born. ¬†One of my creative aspirations is to create a sequel (probably in novel form) to that awesome comic. ¬†I will post some pages on the blog if I the two collections ever turn up.

I’ve gotten way off track, but now you know where the root for a great deal of my nerdery comes from. ¬†That’s all for now. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!

A Sketch Card so Weird I had to Own It

Shulkie and Luke Cage intergender match..

Shulkie and Luke Cage intergender match..

I picked this sketch card up in November and just finally got it scanned in the past week or so.  I have a page dedicated to She-Hulk sketch cards, but I dunno if this one will go in it.  I am close to blowing by my single page limit since licensed Shulkie sketches seem to be a relatively inexpensive get these days (at least compared to everyone else I collect), so it might not matter in a couple months anyway.  But anyway, this is an odd bird and a few questions are begging to be asked-

Why are She-Hulk and Luke Cage fighting in the first place?

Since She-Hulk is at the very high end of the super strength spectrum on her worst day and the the artist formerly known as Power Man is at the very low end, how is she even noticing that punch?

Err, that is Luke Cage, isn’t it?

Why does She-Hulk have short hair and jeans?

Why do I miss Luke Cage’s ridiculous original Power Man costume so much?

Oh well, it’s still a nicely drawn card, and weird enough (and juuuust cheap enough) that I happily added it to my collection.

That’s all for this post. ¬†I’ve got three more sketch cards to post from last month, and 9(!) more between¬†my COMC shipment and eBay winnins for December, and amongst other things, I hope to post virtually all of the entire 104 total cards over the next few weeks. ¬†First I have to scan them though, which I’ll start as soon as finish babbling incoherently on here.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Business is about to pick up…