Another Great Shot Not Taken Trade

The card that got this trade rollin’. A certain Olympic-obsessed someone on twitter will be so jealous when I twitpic this card. ūüėÄ

Hey there, stately gents and comely wenches, time for a trading post! ¬†These lovely cards come to me from my most frequent trading partner¬†Shot Not Taken, if the title didn’t clue you in.

The Back of Mr. Lochte. #’ed to a medalistic (I bet there was a ’90s insert called Medalistic :P) /75 copies..

The above Lochte started things, but when Ray bought basically the saddest pack of SportKings in the world, the deal fell into place.

Pictured: The backs of an entire pack of cards that cost $100. Yes, $20 a card.

Despite the fact that even though I still wouldn’t touch a pack of high end stuff myself even after¬†I become a rich & famous YA genre fiction writer (what?), I’ve still been contemplating trying to piece together an entire base set of all the SportKings series’ (because I am insane, but you probably already knew that).

Old school runner..

I greatly enjoy the silhouettes playing sports, but as you’ll see on the David Robinson on down, they can get lost if the depicted player is wearing dark colors that don’t have much in the way of highlights or shading or whatever. ¬†Franco gets it a bit too on the darkest parts of his jersey.

NASCAR legend and inappropriate ponytail enthusiast..

The base cards are really nice. ¬†Clean & simple look & they feel super sturdy. ¬†I think I’m in double digits after this trade, so I’m not completely starting from scratch.

Not even high end can avoid Mini Mania!

I do loves me some minis, but if you have a two or three of the base cards I need, I may be willing to deal Franco here.

The Admiral..

This is the S back, which I’m also willing to deal for base cards, on the off-chance anyone has any.

As the hit of a 5-card, $100 pack, “The World’s Most Famous Ultramarathon Runner” doesn’t come close to cutting it, but it’s a damn cool card to me..

This card I decided I was interested in entirely because I’ve become a lot more physically active this summer and I thought a hit of a famed ultramarathonner would be good motivation to keep me getting after it.

Rajon RC..

I… have nothing interesting to say about this card. ¬†Just thought my PC could use a nice Rajon Rondo RC. ¬†That wall behind him is… odd.

Hehe, 4/20. Heh..

We basically put the whole deal together via twitter.  I remembered this late and tweeted Ray, hoping he still had it.  I was hoping he would set it aside for our next inevitable trade if he did, but he threw it in just before he sent my stuff out.

Meredith Salenger cut auto..

Just before I sent out that fateful tweet to Ray in regards to this card, I somehow stumbled onto Meredith Salenger, or someone posing as her, on twitter, which reminded me of this card, which prompted me check her out on IMDB, where I found out that, in addition to appearing in all sorts of things, she has also done a bit of voice work, which is what made me want this card. ¬†I’m a total geek for great anime & western ‘toons alike, so voice actor autos is another possible new PC I’ve been considering that may or may not become a thing.

Well, there ya go! ¬†Another successful trade, and I’m sure we’ll deal again soon. ¬†I love when I can send out a lot more stuff than comes back my way, because that means great stuff like this comes back, and also because I’m forever trying to shrink my collection down to somewhat manageable levels (still got a loooooooong way to go). ¬†Seeya next time, when I don’t know what I’ll jibba-jabba about.

I still don’t know how to pronounce “Lochte”…

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Mini Blasters

They finally made to my K-Mart! ¬†Picked up a couple, gonna pick up another next time I need to go there. ¬†Here’s the good stuff from these two.

Uggla Jersey, Ellsbury Jersey, CC Blue, Ankiel Blue, Randy Johnson 20th Anniversary, Griffeys Sr. y Jr. 20th Anniversary..

20 cards, an insert, a parallel and a jersey per blaster. ¬†Not bad for $5.99 apiece! ¬†It makes pulling a lame jersey a lot easier to swallow. ¬†Fortunately, both of these were pretty good. ¬†All I’m keeping Griffeys Sr. y Jr., but the rest are available. ¬†Also, isn’t someone out there collecting the 20th Anniversary Retrospectives? I have a bunch I can send them. ¬†That’s all for now. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!

*fades into the night…*

Shiny Legendary Shortprints

Oh yeah! ¬†Time to post these bad mamma-jammas up! ¬†All from my latest order from COMC. ¬†Hawk & Hurt & Monte Irvin aren’t available, but the rest can be had, though I’m a bit partial to the Kaline, Reggie, Feller, & McCovey. ¬†As such, they will slightly-to-much be harder to get than the rest. ¬†I’m a little more after regular versions (all other years 2009-present included) of random legends to keep for myself, but if you have ANY version of Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, Expos Andre Dawson, A’s Frank Thomas or any version of White Sox Frank and Cubs Dawson, I am most interested to deal indeed. ¬†But enough chit-chat, time for pretty!

Get drunk on liquorfractors! ¬†I’m totally making this scan my twitter background pic..

Some really cool photos chosen for some of these..

Well, there ya go.  Have at thee!  The available ones will go up on the for trade page overnight.  I also have a few others not pictured here.  Carlton Fisk Diamond, Pee Wee Reese Cognac, Honus Wagner Cognac, a couple different Jimmie Foxx (both Diamond I think).

And here’s Frank. ¬†He got his own picture because I can nine cards at a time is the most I can scan, and since he was a keeper, Big Hurt Cognac stands alone.

This would be a good picture to link to an ad for Big Hurt Beer, but I won’t..

That’s or for this one, sports card fans. ¬†Shoot me an email if you see something you like. ¬†Also, just so there’s no confusion… MY EMAIL IS ON MY BLOGGER/GOOGLE PROFILE LINKED ON THE SIDEBAR UNDER “I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME”. ¬†Ahem. ¬†Sayonara and thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…

And then… Nothing!

That’s how it goes for me it seems. ¬†Get up a head of steam and get a lot of posts in over a week or two and then flame out. ¬†But I’m still here! ¬†My plans to get a lot of stuff sent earlier in the month were kinda botched by a combination of my attention deficit… ooh shiny, and the stupid, stupid fartweasels running this place. ¬†Picking apart things you’ve never so much as mentioned before, even though you’ve known about them for years is a very good way to piss me the hell off. ¬†It’s bad enough when it doesn’t ultimately negatively effect the outcome, but when you use it to fail me, and talk down at me the whole time, you just put yourself in a place you don’t want to be in with me.

So my issues with the idiots in charge are far from settled, but while I’m waiting to see what happens next, I have gotten busy on the trading front. ¬†There are currently nine packages precariously stacked (two separate stacks, even I’m not dense enough to try one stack… I’m also not tall enough) atop my refrigerator. ¬†Eight of them are either completely ready, or are just waiting to be addressed. ¬†The other one is still being crammed with a few more cards.

On top of all that, I have three others almost ready to be packaged up, and a couple more a that won’t take too long either. ¬†So that’s about 14 packages or so. ¬†And I have about $25 on me to finish out the month. ¬†I think that will get at least half of them sent. ¬†Some are pretty decent-sized.

Anyway, yeah, just wanted to update y’all with what was going on. ¬†Not sure when exactly everybody’s stuff will go out, but I’ll be out Monday or Tuesday, and at least a few packages will go out then.

Peace and things…

Good News, Everyone!

Well, a few of you anyway. ¬†If your name is Wicked Ortega, Offy, Shoebox Legends, Things Are Funner Here,¬†Big D, Night Owl, Dayf,¬†¬†Play at the Plate,¬†or Paul’s Random Stuff, you should all have cards ready to be sent your way from me as soon as it gets back into the 40s here, or at least before the month is out, provided a few of you provide me with your addresses. ¬†Specifically, Dayf and Big D. ¬†I think I have the others. ¬†I’ll email anyone I don’t have addresses for in the coming days.

And getting all these sent will open up some space to send other people some stuff. ¬†There are at least a half dozen others I’m hoping to send soon as well, a few that had to be unburied by some of the above. ¬†Anyway, I’ll let y’all know when they start going out. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!

Trade Bait Preview

I finally got some stuff shipped from COMC.¬† Here are a few scans.¬† First up some stuff that may be to Shot Not Taken‘s liking, since I’m way overdue on trading with him again.

The Happy Warrior and Mike "Quicksand" Pyle.. I believe the former is already a done deal.

A “scan/picture doesn’t do it justice” Allan Houston & a high end Gallinari #’ed /99..

NBA Legends.. I assume Ray won't want Gervin, but the Frazier may be to his liking.

Amare 2-color (I'm calling patch; the white part is slightly raised) & Nets Brook Lopez/Ryan Anderson/Chris Douglas-Roberts triple jersey..

I didn’t forget the rest of you though.¬† There’s plenty more good basketball stuff to be had too (especially if you’re a Hawks fan).¬† Baseball is more most bloggers thing though.¬† Well, I might be able to hook some of you up too.¬† Have a looksie:

Shawn Green, Maury Wills, Rick Ankiel..

Not a Cardinals fan, obviously but as Night Owl has eloquently noted a time or two, having something around to trade with your rival team’s fans is never a bad thing, even if neither one of you will ever understand why the other would ever willingly support such a loathsome team, lol.

V-Mart and the Sarge bat cards..

Buchholz & Astro Andy..

And that will do it for now.¬† Shoebox Legends has dibs on Clay.¬† Let me know if you see something you like, and remember, this is only a preview.¬† There are quite a few more where these came from.¬† And I’m slowly getting drawn back into the trading thing, so there’s a fair chance you will get your cards before the world ends next December, haha.

Until our next..

The Trading Post: CamClow of Cardboard Heaven

‘Ello ‘ello, old chums.¬† Back with another trade post.¬† This one is from CamClow of Cardboard Heaven.¬† Only three cards in this, but they are all great ones.

MJD Jumbo Jersey /50, FergiePants, and Colston refractor..

As far as plain jerseys go, nothing beats a Donruss jumbo swatch, I tell ya.¬† It’s hard to explain, but they just do it better.¬† Maybe this is where the designing cards backwards comes into play (not that that makes it right).¬† I dunno, but I rarely see one I don’t like, even when the design blows (not the case here, thankfully) or the swatch isn’t that jumbo (it’s more medium-sized really).¬† The design on the Jones-Drew is nice and simple, especially considering this is Donruss we’re talking.¬† It frames the player and cool turquoise jersey swatch quite nicely and incorporates the Jaguars team colors into the card in a coherent way.¬† Good job, designer person!

Next, that Fergie Jenkins pants card is just a thing of beauty.  Upper Deck Vintage were amongst the greatest sets of the past decade, if not all-time, and the hits are no exception.  Just a stunning card.  Definitely one of the highest highlights of my Fergie Jenkins collection.

I’m a huge fan of late-rounders that go on to become big stars, which is why I loves me some Marques Colston.¬† Taken 252 overall (out of 255), he has put up numbers that are right there with the very best of a still very good draft class, even with some bigger name early picks stumbling to outright bombing.¬† He’s put up the second most receptions (369, behind Brandon Marshall’s 413), yards (5069, behind Greg Jennings’ 5222), and is tied for most touchdowns (40, with Jennings).¬† Overall, I’d say he’s easily top-10 in his draft class (he is tied for 8th in the 2006 draft class in career AV at 44, which backs that assessment up).¬† So yeah, Colston is a favorite and the rest of you should send me cards of him too. ūüėõ

Needless to say, excellent trade, Mr. Clow.  I will get my end of the trade out to you as soon as I pick you up another jersey card for your 3000K collection (Clemens most likely).  Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll get you next time, Gadget…