Pack War Trade

At the end of 2014 I sent out close to 1.5 lbs of cards to Pack War.  I’d been desperate to move some of that stuff for ages, and fortunately it seemed to have found its mark quite well.  So now, I present the return.

Valor & Triple Threads..

Valor & Triple Threads..

Valor looks great.  I dunno about Marshall & courage going together, but that parallel is #’ed /399.  I like the way the Triple Threads kind of pop out of an actual background.

Chrome RCs, crazy shiny TD, '98 StarQuest..

Chrome RCs, crazy shiny TD, ’98 StarQuest..

For real though, even with the protector, you can see your own reflection in the silver parts of that wonderful Terrell Davis insert.  Unless you’re a vampire, in which case… *runs away*


*cautiously returns* Is… Is the vampire dude gone?  Okay… *deep breath*  Where was I?  Oh yeah.

I’m happy to have some of the year’s best rookies in Watkins, Bortles, & Beckham Jr.  I don’t chase RCs from any other sport near as hard as baseball, but I do like getting them when I can. 😉

Then we have these StarQuest.  But they are no ordinary StarQuest, oh no!  For when you flip them over, you reveal…



…They are also RookQuest!  Two of the finest to ever lace ’em up at that.  Such connections they have.  Can you imagine if they had put Ryan Leaf and Yatil Green on the back of Elway & Rice?  That would’ve been embarrassing.  And now Peyton and his giant forehead of doom is playing for ol’ horseface.  Even better.  I’m not high I swear.  MOVING ON.

'Nique Jamfest Artist Proof..

‘Nique Jamfest Artist Proof..

Here’s the lone basketball card in the package, and the obligatory “doesn’t scan well/looks way better in person” card, a Pinnacle Jamfest Artist Proof of Dominique Wilkins.

Baseball Rookies!

Baseball Rookies!

Like I said, I’m always down for RCs of baseball stars, even when I have more than one, ala Mr. Posey here.  I have three of him now: Flagship Topps, Bowman Platinum, and this here A&G.  Or, and speaking of being high, in Ricky Williams’ case, baseball RCs of football stars.  Alleged egotistical weirdo Alex Rodriguez and 2005 World Series MVP Jermaine Dye round out the rookie card scan.

Ichiros, Big Hurts, & Rynos (oh my)..

Ichiros, Big Hurts, & Rynos (oh my)..

Coming down the home stretch, starting with a pair of low numbered (but not really) black parallels of Ichiro Suzuki from the infamous disaster that was Topps Moments & Milestones.  I like to think of it as the Showgirls of card sets, because I imagine its existence had to have ruined a few careers.  Next up a pair each of north and south side’s most recently retired Hall of Famers, including a nifty Jiffy Pop disk that’s just sliiiightly too big for its own good.

You'd think his lack of depth perception would cause problems playing baseball, and you'd be right!

You’d think his lack of depth perception would cause problems playing baseball, and you’d be right!

And that’s all for this trade.  Thanks, Shawn!  Hope we can do it again sometime.  And *points at screen and winks cheekily* thank YOU for stopping by.

It was fun.  Oh my…

2014 Final Tally

I had a different post planned for today, but it didn’t pan out so well.  So instead, I’m gonna look at my goals from the beginning of the year and see how things panned out (with intermittent pictures to fight the boredom).  I’m sure this will end well… >.>;

Finish Fergie Jenkins Career Run– Not quite.  Still no ’68 or anything from ’70s off-brand sets.  I think the league leaders from the ’70s and almost everything from the ’80s are taken care of though.

Progress was made..

Progress was made..

Get Ryno’s other RCs– Nope.  The only other ’83 Sandberg I landed this year was his Topps sticker.  We’ll call it his 5th RC in the same way Billy Preston is considered the 5th Beatle.  He was absolutely the reason the group held together near the end of their run, and a complete run of Ryno RCs is not complete without his Topps sticker.

Complete 12 Trades– I don’t think I quite made it, but the two I got myself into at the end of the year might have gotten me into double digits, which is honestly better than I was expecting.  I will try to get better at posting my trades in the coming year.

A couple biggies found their way to me via trade, including a Jerry Rice RC!

A couple biggies found their way to me via trade, including a pretty decent condition Jerry Rice RC!

Complete Three Sets– Failed.  Hard.  I abandoned like half my set page over the course of the year, though I don’t think any of the trio I mentioned as likely candidates in the original post were officially abandoned.  But I still ended up with nothing from them.

The only set I made any progress on.  And I only just broke the 30 mark after Christmas..

The only set I made any progress on, and I only finally just broke the 30-card mark after Christmas..

Complete the Following Single Page Sensations

2011 Topps Legend Variations– Nope.  Don’t think I added a single one.  Made a little headway on 2009 Update though.

'09 Reggie Update..

’09 Reggie Update..

2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary Legend Variations– I picked up Harmon Killebrew and Paul Molitor.  Only one more needed!

2011 Topps Diamond Die-Cuts– YES!  The Winfield Single Page was decommissioned again (for the third or fourth time in my blogging career), and he returned to fill his old hole in the page.  The final piece came when I decommissioned my Adrian Beltre page, and the Diamond Die-Cut I had of the future Hall of Famer completed the page.

2012 Bowman Chrome Legends in the Making Die-Cuts– Yes, and then I abandoned the page and decided to only keep a couple.

2012 Topps Finest Faces of the Franchise– Same as above.  What I don’t want is available for everything I’ve abandoned over the past year.  Inquire and acquire within.

2013 Museum Collection Canvas Collection– Yaharr, this was so easy I was even able to replace a few I decided I didn’t like as much.  RA Dickey, Tom Seaver, and whoever the other one was are available for sale or trade.

As an aside, I’m still at 8/9 on 2012 and, pending shipment, 5/9 on 2014.  I am also at 8/9 on the 2013 football version.  I’d be finished already, but I’m holding out hope for a Deion Sanders to get close to the $0.60-1.38 range I paid for the rest that I picked up over the second half of the year.  Aikman & Andre Johnson were on the low end, Russell Wilson & Megatron were the most expensive.

Victoria/Tara– Nope.  Was too busy going overboard and accidentally turning Gail Kim into a full collection (2 new autos and two #’ed cards and a several early base cards cards).



Luol Deng– Nothing.  Completely forgot about him, aside from that weird sleazy racist scouting report brouhaha during the offseason.

Carlos Santana– I’m still three short.  Four if the sweet Topps Tribute WBC patch #’ed /35 I picked up for around $3.40 doesn’t fit in a binder page.  My other addition to his page was a sub (if just barely)-$10 Bowman Platinum printing plate.  An expensive addition for one of my less important pages, but it was there, and still relatively cheap for an at least borderline superstar player.

This is one of those scans don't do the card justice cards..

This is one of those scans don’t do the card justice cards..

Any five others– Unbelievably, this is a yes.  It was almost entirely stuff either I eventually abandoned (2012 & ’13 Dynamic Die-Cuts, Rod Carew also available FT), decided to go back to the drawing board on later (Robbie Alomar), just pared down to a single page (Randy Moss), or eventually overdid to the point they are full collections now (Darvish, Jorge Soler, and the above mentioned Gail Kim) but I think I actually did this.  Pending shipment, Javier Baez and 1975 Topps Minis (George Foster and Dock Ellis are the final additions) pages will also be complete for the time being.  Winner-winner, sexy sinner!

Complete any two Sketch Card pages– Yeah, pretty much.  They ended up not quite being what I originally expected, but I have a full page of She-Hulks and a full page of Women of Marvel 2 sketch cards.

Sketch Cards!

Sketch Cards!

Add 10 more key RCs– Blew this one away.  A single trade almost did the deed by itself, and a later eBay lot purchase would have easily done it on its own.  I even landed three of the biggies I listed: Nomah, Gwynn (’83 Fleer), &  Boggs sorta (also a Topps Sticker).

Key RCs was easily the most successful pursuit of the year..

Key RCs was easily the most successful pursuit of the year..

Complete five more trifectas– I didn’t make them a priority.  I think I managed a couple though.  Brandon Phillips and Alshon Jeffykins were completed this year, I think.  Maybe three if Booker T counts, since I might be in possession of his oldest card now.

It's the oldest WCW set, post Booker T's 1993 debut that I know of, so maybe it counts as his RC?

It’s the oldest WCW set, post Booker T’s 1993 debut that I know of, so maybe it counts as his RC?

30 new 1960 Topps– Abandoned set.  Everything but Vic Power, because that was my first ever vintage card, is available.  Even Gil, Maz, & the high number commons, if you bring it with your trade offers.

Break 100 cards with another player– Surprisingly, it was Nomar Garciaparra, because I bought a ginormous 200+ card lot of him on eBay.

Pay off old debts– Completed one, added one.  My original package for the dude on twitter never turned up, so I’ll have to go with a replacement package in the coming year.  Meh, I should’ve done better. :/

Now onto the blog, where things get even dicier than the cards themselves.  I started off strong, then posted pretty much nothing for at least nine months for no good reason, then ended with a nice little flurry.  And even though I added nothing else, my art got a good a percentage of focus, so I’m not terribly disappointed by my effort during the small fraction of time I was actually here.  Now if I could just find some focus to actually hang around all year.

What about me in real life?  I never did hit the gym, and it’s just been the past several weeks that I started running with any degree of regularity again, but this godforsaken place I live made it so I was going out and walking constantly all year long.  Eating healthier has still been spotty at best (in fact I was in stomach distress from overdoing it on probably the most unhealthy regional brand of potato chips you can buy as I was typing this, which is why it’s going up Sunday morning instead of Saturday morning), but I am still maintaining my weight.

Finish old sketch cards– Not many.  Mostly just the more recent of my old stuff, and I’m staying on top of newer work as well as can be expected.

30 realistic portraits– I don’t know for sure, but I feel like I have to be very close on this.  I managed to do a couple in the early morning hours before I had to do stuff just in the past few days, and I think I have at least one more in me in the waning days of this year.

50 new sketch cards– I expect to be around 40 by the time the year is out.  My arting is up significantly overall even if 50 sketch cards won’t happen though.  I think I probably drew somewhere between 100-125 things total this year.

Decent effort, kid..

Decent effort, kid..

Finish first draft of novel– I failed so miserably at writing this year.  To be fair to this and my lack of blogging most of the year, my computer situation was in serious flux the entire year, and I was too broke to do anything about it.  I was also leaving constantly due to noise.  However, there was more than enough downtime that I should’ve been able to do plenty of both.  So while there were mitigating circumstances, my first sentence still stands: I failed so miserably at writing this year.

Lynna Sage from something I'm writing, currently under the working title Nexus Eternum..

Concept sketching went better than expected though..

Travel– Nope.  I’ve never been this ridiculously tight on money so constantly for an entire year before.  Not hopeful for 2015 either.  My money will be likely be at least as tight, though more focused on the things I need to get on with my life rather than things that I want or are necessary for an immediate specific purpose/moment.

Watch more anime– Only marginally more successful than the other things on the list.  Mostly just Space Dandy, a couple random movies, and a little hentai.

The Space Dandy gang are so disappointed in my lack of anime viewing..

The Space Dandy gang are so disappointed in my lack of anime viewing..

More video games– Again, only just a slight uptick in activity.  A lot of it was done in the week & a half I went without a computer in late November/early December.

So there you have it.  I’m still a mostly useless wreck of a human being, but I can point out things that are actually improvements over years gone by.  That should give you an idea how hopelessly broken I’ve been, the incremental improvements I’ve made, and the many, many light years I still have to go before I could ever be considered functional in any meaningful way.

That’s it for now.  Here’s to a better 2015!  Thanks for stopping by.

We have come to terms…

2 40%-off 2011 Topps Series 2 Blasters

From Walmart:


They look awesome, but it sucks how ridiculously condition sensitive these things are.

And the last of the non-keeper Blackouts.

Get ur shine on..

Duos & 60s. Not much to say about these..

The lone gold. Not that it matters much. Let’s have gold parallels look like 2012’s Gold Sparkles from now on please..

Perhaps you like kicking it old school (or hair on the edge of your scan)..

The only original back I pulled. You’d think I would’ve remembered to scan the back, but no. This one is reluctantly available..

Tradercracks claimed these already..

Tradercracks also claimed this..

McCutchen is available though. But be forewarned that the patch is slightly loose on it..

That is all.  Everything not claimed by Tradercracks is available.  Thanks for stopping by!

Spin the wheel, make the deal…

Gypsy Queen is Sexy

Some stuffs from my retail value pack:

Mariano Rivera Framed Paper parallel /999. Pee Wee Reese, Josh Hamilton, and DerekGreen Framed bonus parallels. Johnny Mize SP. Alex Rodriguez Jersey! Hank Conger & Rogers Hornsby regular minis, Edwin Jackson Gypsy Queen back mini..

Not the best picture, but as with the binder pages from the flea market, pretty solid for webcam.  Doesn’t even begin to do these beauties justice though.  Not even scan do these bad mamma-jammas justice, though.  You gots to see them in person for yourself.  I’m going to make a most likely futile attempt at collecting either the bonus or Framed Paper parallel sets, so if you got, I’m after ’em.  Everything else except Hornsby is available, but you better come right if you want ARod.

In other news, I FINALLY got some packages sent.  My Cardboard Mistress, Punk Rock Paint, Sooz, and Paul‘s stuff is on the way.  Marie‘s will be going out once I find out if I should include any Lakers.

Guess that’ll do it for this one.  Gonna bust a (full 24-pack) box of Upper Deck Disney-Pixar Treasures that I picked up for $9.99 at Target last night, and possibly call the police on my upstairs neighbor if the f***ing thumping doesn’t stop (and will be logging my 4th complaint [not counting two or three other occasions I intended to, but didn’t get to it] with the office regardless, all in less than two damn months!).

Rant mode off.

Seriously, Gypsy Queen is worth buying…

Flea Market Finds #6: Fourth Binder Page

I’m starting to get on a roll, might even get close to finishing before the next show!  Here is the 4th binder page:

Presidential Smackdown!... Err, Campaign Matchups, 2008 topps Alex Romero RC, Scott Rolen, 2004 Bazooka Pudge Rodriguez Red Chunk parallel, 19xx Circa Thunder Alex Rodriguez Boss '98, 2006 Brian Roberts Bazooka Stamps, 1982 Baseball's Greatest Sluggers Frank Robinson, 2002 topps Opening Day Mariano Rivera, 2002 Alex(is) Rios RC

Why Purchased: Because I collect Frank Robinson, and also for the Alex Rios RC & A-Rod Thunder insert.

Keepers: Just the Frank Robinson I guess.

Notes: There’s something unflattering about Willkie’s photo there, but I can’t quite place it.

The Pudge is an extra thick parallel.

The A-Rod should be extra thick.  It is embossed, like Action Packed, topps Embossed, and those sweet Kamen Rider cards I got from Shot Not Taken a few trades ago (hopefully another trade coming in the next couple months, btw), except it’s a thin as a regular card.  It should be special, embossed cards are one of the rarest of technological card treats, after all.  But with the back all raised up where it is on the front, it just feels kinda weird.

Wow, that’s the exact same design as the Heritage Stamps of the last few years.  The back is mostly blank, brownish cardboard with only the brandage at the very top, “STAMP XX OF XX” and the player’s name directly under it in small print in the middle, and legalese at the bottom.  I’ll show it off when I do a massive card back dump post someday (I like to record a lot of various card backs for posteriority, hehe).

The Greatest Sluggers card is just simple and classy looking.

Rios I just thought a White Sox fan might enjoy.

Mind-Blowing Statistics: I could’ve had this post done two hours ago if I were capable of staying on task.  But seriously though, I figure anyone that isn’t coming here for the cards is coming for the old Benchwarmer posts from back in the day (people still get here via searching Brooke Morales and Jaime Hammer every single day), and everyone who is coming for the cards already knows about Frank Robinson’s legendary exploits already (last to pull off the Triple Crown, MVPs and championships in both AL & NL, etc).  Because nobody ever comes for the art.  Seriously, I’m not even that bad, but my art posts barely do any better than days when I don’t post at all.  Wait, what were we talking about?

Heh, actually I just revealed a bunch of interesting stats in that incoherent babbling.  But now I must go.  I’ve gotten over the violent ills, but these allergies are making me cry harder than Field of Dreams, Rudy, and Serendipity combined.  Don’t judge me on that last one.  Best damn romantic comedy since Waiting to Exhale, it is.  I should probably just shut up now.  Seeya. 😛

Wanna have a catch?

The Great Cardening of 2009 #2: New York Yankees

Finally!  Mercifully!!  It’s time for the next team in The Great Cardening of 2009.  To be fair, I did start writing this on the long ago Friday afternoon in question.  Really, there is no excuse for not getting this done sooner, other than laziness.  I guess total lack of organizational skillz played a decent-sized role too.

Anyway, I’m still waiting to know what’s gonna happen on the Phillies, but it’s the Yanks time in the spotlight right here & now.  We’ll do it the same way as last time, though I’m not sure the Yankees have anyone that doesn’t qualify as a star on their team, having a bigger payroll than the GDP of several (dozen?) third world countries combined.  Yes yes, I know the Cubs are in the upper tier, but they at least got playoff returns on their investment last year.

Nothing touches the ridonkulous-ness of the Mariners payroll though and epic fail it got them though.  Ouch. XD

Oh btw, can you believe Adrian Beltre may be knocking on the door of 3000 hits, 500 home runs, and 1800 RBIs by the end of his career?  Guess there is something to be said for steady production and longevity, huh?  As of this day, I think I am officially an Adrian Beltre fan.  He has gotten no love at all, probably due to the huge expectations people had for him (that were only exceeded once, in his huge contract year), but he quietly produces solid season after solid season after solid season.  I may even have to add him to the players I collect list.

Now then, onto the Yankees cards.  For the sake of simplicity (in theory at least), all Roger Clemens, Reggie Jacksons and A-Rods go with the Yankees, while all Randy Johnsons go to the D-Backs and CC Sabathias stay with the Indians. If they be wearing a different team’s jersey, it will be noted. The few remaining Yankee Stadium Legacies will get their own space as well.

With everything tediously said, let’s get to the cards.

Roger Clemens

2002 Donruss Classics #22, 2003 Flair #24, 2003 Fleer Tradition #301, 2007 Topps Chrome #127, 2006 Topps Opening Day #84 (Astros), 2006 Ultra Strikeout Kings #SOK1 (Astros), 2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics #40 (Astros), 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #123

Guess Shane got all my Red Sox Clemens’ if I even had any to begin with.

Derek Jeter

2008 Allen & Ginter Mini #120, 2002 Donruss #3 (corner dingage), 2003 Donruss Diamond King (Regular) #2, 2006 Fleer #390, 2002 Fleer Genuine Names of the Game #NG 10 if 30, 2004 Fleer Legacy #??, Topps Updates and Highlights League Leaders (w/ Joe Mauer & Robinson Cano) #203, and Classic Duos (w/ Robinson Cano) #321, 2007 Topps #40 (yes, THAT one), 2008 Topps Chrome 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team #ARC6, 2006 Ultra Midsummer Classic Kings #MCK3, 2007 Upper Deck #163, and #844, 2008 Upper Deck Team Checklist #780, 2008 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #DJ9, 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Black Retail Parallel #144(x2), and Triple (w/ A-Rod and Cano) #188, and Black Retail Parallel Triple (w/ A-Rod and Cano) #188, 2008 Upper Deck Goudey B&W #258, 2005 Upper Deck MVP #23, 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Player Highlights #PH-24

Hideki Matsui

2003 Donruss Studio Masterstrokes #MS-9 #’ed 0805/1000, 2007 Topps Chrome #96, 2005 Upper Deck All-Star Classics #18, 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes # 118(x2), 2006, 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #124, 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Run Producers #RP-13, 2008 Upper Deck X #67

Mariano Rivera

2008 SP Authentic #64, 2007 Topps Turkey Red #349, 2008 Upper Deck #586, 2009 Upper Deck #273, 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #111, and Charcoal (WTF~?!) parallel #111, 2008 UD Masterpieces #61

Alex Rodriguez

2005 Bowman Chrome Rookie Reprint #94-AR, 2005 eTopps Promo #AR3 (corner ding-age), 2006 Flair Showcase Hot Numbers #HN-2, 2008 Topps Heritage Baseball Thrills 500th HR #366, 2008 Topps Opening Day Puzzle #11 of 28, 2009 Upper Deck StarQuest Blue Uncommon #SQ-2, 2009 Upper Deck Superstar Scrapbook #SS-2, 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars #64, 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #122, 2008 Upper Deck Heroes #115, 2008 Upper Deck X XPonential4 #X4-AR

I think the eTopps Promo came from a Tuff Stuff Magazine, but I’m not 100% sure.

Legends/Merely Solid Players that Get Undue Legend Cards Because they Played for the Yankees

Reggie Jackson- 1988 Score #500 (A’s), and #503 (Angels), 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #190 Triple (w/ Winfield & Mattingly), and Charcoal (Pfft) parallel #122

Don Mattingly- 1988 Topps (’87 Record Breaker) #2, 1989 Topps (All-Star) #397, 1986 Topps Major League Leaders #28(x2), 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #125(x3)

Mickey Mantle- 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Home Run History #MHR1(x3), #MHR168, #MHR17, 2007 #MHR228, #MHR337, #MHR361, and 2007 Topps Chrome #MHR230, 2007 Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle Story #MMS16, and 2008 #MMSC55, 2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History #TCHC6

Dave Winfield- 1988 Topps #510, 1986 Topps Major League Leaders #29(x2), 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #126, 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Redback Mini #219

Everyone Else- Yogi Berra Charcoal (B*tch please) parallel #121(x2), 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Bucky Dent #128, 2003 Flair Greats Bill Dickey #71, Topps Joe DiMaggio The Streak JD26, and JD48, Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Joe D Quad #197 (w/ Yogi, Reggie, & Jeter), 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Don Larsen #132(x2), 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Graig Nettles #130

Yankee Stadium Legacy

(EDIT!!) Oops, forgot the remaining YSLs.  I’ll get to it in the morning, eh.


2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Mike Mussina #315 Purple Parallel #’ed 008/150, and Kyle Farnsworth #720 Green Parallel #’ed 14/99


2004 Donruss Studio Steve Schirripa Fans of the Game #219FG-4

2006 Flair Showcase Robinson Cano Wave of the Future #WF-26, and Bernie Williams World Baseball Classic Moments #CM-40, 2006 Ultra Robinson Cano Ultra Rising Stars #URS6

2008 Bowman David Robertson RC #BDP48, and Braedyn Pruitt #BP72, 2008 Upper Deck Ian Kennedy Diamond Collection #DC-9, 2008 Upper Deck X Ian Kennedy RC Die-Cut Parallel #66, and Robinson Cano Die-Cut Parallel #71


1983 Topps John Mayberry #45, Andre Robertson #281, Dave LaRoche (Super Veteran) #334, Rudy May #408, Shane Rawley #592, and Butch Hobson #652

1986 Topps Billy Martin #651

1988 Score Tim Stoddard #258, and Bill Gullickson #585, Topps [whatever it is…] Willie Randolph #59(x2)… What are the name of these minis?  They got the “Talkin’ Baseball” thing on the back with definitions of baseball terminology.

1989 Topps Wayne Tolleson #716

1991 Donruss Mike Blowers #63, and Matt Nokes #170

1993 Donruss Rich Monteleone #445, and Scott Kamieniecki #681

2002 Donruss Mike Mussina Classics #45

2003 Topps Opening Day Jason Giambi (Season Highlights) #163

2005 Bowman’s Best Steven White First Year #77, 2005 Bowman Heritage J. Brent Cox First Year #345, 2005 Topps C.J. Henry First Year #UH324

2006 Bowman Heritage Bobby Abreu #120, 2006 Fleer Tradition Wil Nieves #195, 2006 Topps Carl Pavano #427, and Joe Torre #587, 2006 Ultra Johnny Damon #136, 2006 Upper Deck Ovation Bobby Abreu #55, 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Kyle Farnsworth #720

2007 Bowman Dellin Betances 1st #BP5 (corner ding-age), 2007 Bowman Chrome Johnny Damon #180, 2007 Topps Johnny Damon #196, 2007 Topps Chrome Andy Pettite #16, 2007 Topps ’52 Rookies Chris Basak RC #28, and Tyler Clippard RC #33

2008 Allen & Ginter Ross Ohlendorf #157(x2), Jorge Posada #164, Melky Cabrera #168, Phil Hughes SP #335(x2), 2008 Bowman Joba Chamberlain #151, Bowman Chrome Anthony Claggett 1st #BCP12, SP Authentic Joba Chamberlain #12(x2), 2008 Topps Ross Ohlendorf RC #102, Robinson Cano #136, Jasom Giambi #409, Joe Girardi #631, and Billy Traber #UH114, 2008 Upper Deck Joba Chamberlain #294, Brian Bruney #295, Jorge Posada #296, Kei Igawa #585, Shelley Duncan #592, Kyle Farnsworth #594(x2), 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Phil Hughes #113, and Jorge Posada #117, Upper Deck Goudey Chien-Ming Wang #123, and Ian Kennedy RC #131, 2008  UD Masterpieces Ian Kennedy RC #58

2009 Upper Deck Jason Giambi #263

Gahahhhhh, finally freaking done!  Mercy me.  Get ’em while they’re hot.  That’s… a wrap.