Pure Card Porn

Billy Williams RC!

Billy Williams RC!

I’m miserable and cranky and pissed off about so many things I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m just going to show off a 12-pack of card porn to lighten the mood, because the mood definitely needs lightened.  So let us take refuge in the cards… These are all mine, picked up by various means over the past few months.  Yes, including that beautiful beat up Billy Williams RC at the top of the post (cost: $3 on COMC on Black Friday 2013).

Frank Thomas Jersey & Card Frame..

Frank Thomas Jersey & Card Frame..

This was also part of the trade with Shot Not Taken.  It didn’t make it into that post for the simple fact that it was still in my backpack and didn’t get scanned until around two weeks later.

Draft Picks & Prospects Neftali Feliz Purplefractor..

2009 Draft Picks & Prospects Neftali Feliz Purplefractor RC..

This came out of a random discounted fat pack I stumbled across towards the end of last year.

Roxxi Laveaux Printing Plate Autograph..

Roxxi Printing Plate Autograph..

Possibly the earliest pickup here.  Cool printing plate with a sticker auto stuck on it of perhaps the single most underutilized woman in the history of TNA’s Knockout division.  And that’s saying something, when they also severely underutilized Ayako Hamada, who might be the single most talented lady wrestler in the world, and of course my girl Sarita, who has gone onto to bigger success in both Mexico and Japan.

2013 Bowman EJ Manuel Orange parallel #'ed 54/299..

2013 Bowman EJ Manuel Orange parallel #’ed 54/299..

The back compares him to competent game manager Alex Smith.  I don’t know how to feel about that…

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Cat Osterman Collegiate Patches Autograph..

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Cat Osterman Collegiate Patches Autograph #’ed 160/250..

It is the realest shame Panini ran this concept into the ground so fast, because this card, much like Cat herself, is absolutely spectacular.

Bloodlines Liz Carmouche auto..

Bloodlines Liz Carmouche auto..

Here’s a fearsome and fantastic addition to my fledgling Girlrilla page, which is now up to TWO.

Milk Duds Billy Williams..

Milk Duds Billy Williams..

More Billy Williams!  This time it’s super beat up vintage food-based oddball goodness.

2003 Topps Traded Shin- Soo Choo Gold #'ed /2003..

2003 Topps Traded Shin- Soo Choo Gold #’ed /2003..

I’ve been jonesing for a new addition to my Shin-Soo Choo page for awhile now, and this is what I came away with.

BowChro Aramis RC..

BowChro Aramis RC..

The desire to break 100 cards with another player does not preclude me from getting more cards of future Hall of Famer Aramis Ramirez.  This was one of a half dozen newbies of him in my latest COMC shipment.  They may crop up here & there over time.

Heroes & Prospects Andre Dawson Jersey..

Heroes & Prospects Andre Dawson Jersey..

Whine about lack of logos all you want, you big babies.  This card just oozes class. 😉

'09 iMPACT! Booker T auto #'ed /60..

’09 iMPACT! Booker T auto #’ed /60..

Closing out this post with my favorite wrestler of all-time!  Booker T autos are extremely hard to come by cheaply (dog tag auto aside), but I managed to secure this bad mamma-jamma on COMC for $8.  It’s even an inscribed version.  Unlike every other WWE reject, Booker never won the TNA World Title, but they did create a brand new vanity belt (later renamed and became their midcard title) specifically for him.  So I guess he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

That’s all for now.  Time to go work on some half-baked novel writing or some such.  Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll be seeing y’all again real soon.

Until our next…

This Post Brought to You by Jerry Koosman’s E. Coli Grill

Try the schnitzel!

Yeah, I got nuthin’.  Super tired and the jackass that lives above me has been stomping around like the asshole they are for at least an hour (it is 7:39am as I write these very words).  Not acceptable.  So just enjoy the Koos and try to ignore the loud violence I’ll be inflicting on my upstairs neighbor just offscreen.  Thx.

Gypsy Queen is Sexy

Some stuffs from my retail value pack:

Mariano Rivera Framed Paper parallel /999. Pee Wee Reese, Josh Hamilton, and DerekGreen Framed bonus parallels. Johnny Mize SP. Alex Rodriguez Jersey! Hank Conger & Rogers Hornsby regular minis, Edwin Jackson Gypsy Queen back mini..

Not the best picture, but as with the binder pages from the flea market, pretty solid for webcam.  Doesn’t even begin to do these beauties justice though.  Not even scan do these bad mamma-jammas justice, though.  You gots to see them in person for yourself.  I’m going to make a most likely futile attempt at collecting either the bonus or Framed Paper parallel sets, so if you got, I’m after ’em.  Everything else except Hornsby is available, but you better come right if you want ARod.

In other news, I FINALLY got some packages sent.  My Cardboard Mistress, Punk Rock Paint, Sooz, and Paul‘s stuff is on the way.  Marie‘s will be going out once I find out if I should include any Lakers.

Guess that’ll do it for this one.  Gonna bust a (full 24-pack) box of Upper Deck Disney-Pixar Treasures that I picked up for $9.99 at Target last night, and possibly call the police on my upstairs neighbor if the f***ing thumping doesn’t stop (and will be logging my 4th complaint [not counting two or three other occasions I intended to, but didn’t get to it] with the office regardless, all in less than two damn months!).

Rant mode off.

Seriously, Gypsy Queen is worth buying…

Sketch Card Interlude

So I’m sick.  Unsure if I’m running a temp, but I’m achy, and my throat feels like sandpaper.  My left back/side also feels like I tweaked something in it.  Add to the fact that I wasn’t able to only able sleep 1-2 hours at a time this morning, and wasn’t able to get to sleep at all till 4am thanks to the jackass upstairs neighbor (who has, incidentally, picked up, in the last half hour or so, right where they left off at a little after 3:30am), and I am one SERIOUSLY tweaked card blogger-slash-sketch card artist, that’s running on nothing but fumes and righteous anger.  As such, I have not the energy to put together another binder page post right now.  So, here are my latest sketch cards, presented with as little commentary as possible.

That paragraph was written early Saturday afternoon, but the truth is, it was the truth, so it stays.  I went out shortly after, on a really chilly day it should be noted, in part to escape the noise, and also to find something for my throat.  Ended up being out far too long, and while I got what I went for and then some, I am officially full-blown sick.  I’m glad I went with the cold & flu medicine, because I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m at right now.  As for post-return noise, it went on starting sometime between 8:30 and 9pm until a lil after 11pm.  Wasn’t as bad as Saturday, but persistent enough to drive me up the flippin’ wall in my current brutal state.  But enough about that for now.  I have sketch cards to show you! 🙂 <–(Smiling through a rareified degree of pain for me.)

The Captains of Star Trek. Clockwise from top left: Benjamin Sisko, Jean-Luc Picard, Jonathan Archer, Kathryn Janeway, James T. Kirk

 The only thing to really say here is Sisko is the best Trek captain, and DS9 is the best Trek series, and one of the best sci-fi shows in general, ever made.  Thank you, that is all.

Random finished sketch cards: DC's Fire & Ice, Static, GI Joe's Scarlett, Marvel's Ms. Marvel, and Silver Surfer

Scarlett was a really old card I finally got around to coloring.

Static was done for my dad, who, as mentioned before, was a die-hard fan of Milestone comics and still has a lot of the early issues.

The card itself is probably one of the better sketch cards I’ve ever done.  Kirby Krackle around the hands, lots of extra detail I’ve never quite gotten as right as it turned out here before.  And, I even bought a special pen specifically for the electricity.  It is quite glittery in person.

I also used glittery gel pens on Ms. Marvel’s background and parts of Silver Surfer’s body and board.  The only problem is (aside from me not being particularly happy with much of anything on the Silver Surfer card), is that the glitter sheds, and got on other cards.  So there are lil sparklies in the background on Fire & Ice and Scarlett that are out of place on their cards.  It works on Silver Surfer’s background though, the tiny sparklies shining in the endless reaches of space behind him when the light hits ’em right is an awesome, albeit accidental, effect.

That was way too much jibba-jabba, but hopefully it was informative to you.  I am signing off because I feel like C-R-A-P crap crap crap.  But thank you as always for stopping by my blog.  I greatly appreciate it.

This post brought to you by my pain and tears… 😥

I Have Had Enough…

…of this fucking hellhole.  Pardon my French, ahem…

So yeah, I’m having issues with my neighbors again.  Here is the deal: I have severe sleep issues.  For the last three years, people be coming and going all hours of the night, every single night, slamming their fucking doors.  This has literally cost me HUNDREDs of hours of sleep that I desperately needed.  In the meantime, over the same period, I have had the police called on me for being too loud, by the same damn people that have been keeping me up at night, at least a half-dozen times, the latest being verrry early this morning.  They also complain about me to the office a ton as well.  I have received at least three letters from them.

As if the total hypocrisy of that isn’t enough (I don’t care if they don’t realize it, it’s gotten *increasingly worse* for three fucking years), for the first year, or close to it, I actively did my best to be fucking quiet at night!  And that was when most of the complaining happened.  So I finally gave up trying after awhile, and had actually only heard the a smattering of complaints since.  However, as I said, the noise they were making got so bad that a year or so ago, I took to punching the arm of my chair whenever they slammed a door or made any other kind of loud noise at night.  And by now, I just do it almost instinctively to any noise they make any time of day.  I just don’t care anymore.

Yeah, I guess that makes me not completely innocent.  I’ve never claimed I was a saint.  However, they are the ones that started it, and continue to cost me sleep.  And no, filing complaints myself isn’t a very viable option.  First of all, I have a mountain of complaints against me for various things over the years, exactly one of which can be considered legit.  I have no trust in the people running this place anyways.  In every instance I’ve dealt with them, they are a bunch of back-talking weasels.  Even though they FINALLY did get the word out to try and keep people from slamming their doors, and it has actually worked to some degree, trying to get my point across was like pulling teeth.  I’m pretty sure it was only done at all because I was so righteously pissed off I that I was physically shaking trying to keep my shit together when I was talking to the lady.

But of course, now that people are being *somewhat* better about slamming their doors, someone above me nearby has seen fit to start scooting something heavy-sounding across the floor every night.  This sound actually bothers me more than the doors slamming.  The slow, obnoxious scooting sound that lasts up to several seconds at a time is quite literally one of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard in my entire life.

Anyway though, last night it happened while I was trying to get to sleep, as in I was halfway to dreamland when it started in.  I did what I do, I punched the arm of my chair, except really, really hard.  Fucker did it when I was almost asleep.  So I’m starting to get back to sleep a little later and I here some talking in the and then a knock at my door.  Three cops are out there.  Guess with that many, they must’ve been expecting some shit.  I told them what was going on and that I just wanted get some fucking sleep, they took down my name, listened to what I had to say, and went on their merry way.

Well, I’m sick of it.  If I had somewhere else I could go, I would not still be here, but I don’t so there isn’t much that can be done right now.  I decided I needed to say something to the people causing me trouble though.  So I wrote a note and put it on the cranky old bat’s door across the hall, since most my tormentors hang out together.  It took me four tries to try and get out what I had to say, not holding back how pissed off I was, but still trying to keep it clear and to-the-point.  Here is what I wrote in it’s entirety:

“Hi, it’s me. Y’know, you don’t seem to understand something. You guys started this shit with me. Understand this, the last three years, while you guys were complaining about my alleged noise all the time, you were costing me literally 100s and 100s of hours of sleep, slamming doors every. Single. Night. And keep this in mind, I did not start retaliating against y’alls BS in any meaningful way until a year or so ago. I even tried to not be loud for awhile, but I finally gave up when it proved futile.

What I’m trying to say is this, you guys have treated me like shit, even and especially when I was trying to be quiet. This is what happened on my end, this is what you did to me. Period. And I absolutely do NOT appreciate it. I don’t care if you care what you have done or not, but now you know. And know that I don’t like or respect almost any of you, that have caused me so much grief the last few years. That won’t change. You guys made my life even worse than it already was, to be 18-19 years old and end up in a place like this. This is how it is. Good day. I have nothing more to say to any of you, ever.”

Too light?  Too heavy?  Whatcha think?  I’ve let the world walk all over me for too long.  I had to say something, and I’m a much better writer than talker, so I wrote my heart out at them.

Alright, rant mode off.  I just had to get this off my chest.  I’m so sick of this place it’s not even funny.  I’ve been treated like shit since I moved here really, but I mostly didn’t care until people started screwing with my already tenuous ability to sleep like a normal human.  My next move is to file a complaint against whoever’s scooting stuff in the middle of the night if it continues.  I know it’s something I should take up with whoever’s doing it before I complain, but I just have no tolerance for any shit having to do with this place anymore.  I don’t think I can be respectful as I need to be, so I just have to file the complaint and be done with it and hope they can be arsed to do something about it.

Truth is, the only thing I wanted when I moved here was to be left alone, ideally so that my mental state could hopefully improve to the point where I’d be able to be completely self-sufficient someday, or if worse came to worse, a place I could slowly fade into oblivion.  Morbid, but yeah… I was barely functional at all back then.  It could’ve gone either way.

Fortunately, despite the constant string of shit I’ve received, I am getting better, and have no desire to fade into oblivion.  And I have all my online peeps to thank for that.  So for everyone I’ve been lucky enough to befriend online, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I don’t think I’ll ever think very highly of myself, and who knows if I’ll ever really make good on my alleged potential, but you’ve all given me the will to try and be a better, stronger, more worthwhile person.

Okay, NOW the rant mode is off.  Have a great night, everyone.  Peace, love, and fighting spirit. 😉