And Then Things Got Weird…

Tonight I went back to K-Mart to pick up the paper towels I didn’t get the other day because I was lacking coupon for extra special savings (what, 75¢ is a big deal!), but I also planned to grab the other two baseball Jersey & Card Set frames I didn’t get yesterday.  Fortunately, they were still there.  so I scooped them up before I left.  I opened them in the car, so I have the parent lady as a witness, because quite honestly I don’t even believe it myself.  Have a look for yourself.

You are seeing the same thing I'm seeing right?

Yeah, they were both Mickey’s too.  I… I don’t know what to say or think.  Is this legit?  Are you for real?!  How could there have been three in one store like that??  I just… I want to be excited as I should be about this, but I don’t know now.  If anybody has any idea what’s going on or knows who I can talk to find out what’s going, let me know, because I can hardly believe this.

Is this too good to be true??