Flea Market Finds #13: Tenth & Eleventh Binder Page

Almost done! We’ll get two of the last three binder pages done today, and finish it off just before I head out on Saturday.  Also, I blew the days in a row streak again, due to being up pretty close to 24 hours into yesterday afternoon (thanks in part to coloring sketch cards), and sleeping off & on until about 3:30am.  Oh well, someday I’ll get an entire week of posts in without missing a day.

In other news, you may have noticed more work has been done on the player collection pages, and I’ve even finished updating a few baseball players to the best of my ability.  The bigger collections like Aramis & Big Z (also Kosuke, Ichiro, Vlad, maybe some others when I get them finished) a card or two may still turn up for, but likely nothing major.  Now, onto the binder pages!

1968 topps Tom Nowatzke, Billy Ray Smith, (Beef) Stew Barber (5x Pro Bowl, 2x First-Team All-Pro), Paul Flatley (1x Pro Bowl), 1970 topps Joe Scarpati, '68 Jerry Stovall (3x Pro Bowl), '70 Jake Kupp (1x Pro Bowl), Bill Thompson (3x Pro Bowl, 1x First-Team All-Pro), 2005-06 Upper Deck Slam Martell Webster RC

Why Purchased: Vintage Football!  … And a random mid-2000s basketball player.

Keepers: None.  Saints and Giants are likely going to BA Benny unless someone else calls any of them.

Notes: I’d say “One of these things is not like the others”, but I just know some random jackass would call me racist or something.

Stew’s middle name is apparently Clair.  Just pointing that out.

Somehow, the font size on the captions and the regular writing just reversed itself.  It doesn’t appear that way in the preview for the actual post, but WTF??

Jerry Stovall’s helmet is weird.  But I bet it’d be way easier to draw than the one in the Seneca Wallace sketch card.

Mind-Blowing Statistic: Joe Scarpati got no awards love, but had an 8-interception/182-yards season in 1966.  Similarly, Billy Ray Smith’s AV (Approximate Value) in 1968 was amongst the league leaders at 17 (the rest of his career it was middling at best).

Next page!

1982 topps Dewey & Lee Roy Selmon (6x Pro Bowl, 1x First-Team All-Pro, Hall of Fame Class of 1995), 2005 UD Rookie Debut Peyton Manning (Blah blah blah), 1968 topps Dan Grimm, Paul Martha (no accolades at all, but actually put up decent numbers), Obert Logan, 1970 topps Chuck Walker (1x Pro Bowl (1x First-Team All-Pro), 1971 topps Gerry Philbin (2x Pro Bowl, 2x First-Team All-Pro), '70 Haven Moses (2x Pro Bowl), Willie Richardson (2x Pro Bowl, 1x First-Team All-Pro)

Why Purchased: I believe we have established the reason as being VINTAGE~!

Keepers: None I guess.

Notes: Honestly, nothing much coming to mind here

Mind-Blowing Statistic: Bill Thompson and Haven Moses are by far the best of the vintage commons from a measurable statistic standpoint (remember, sacks & things weren’t counted till much later).  Thompson intercepted 40 passes in his career (784 INT return yards) and 3 touchdowns off of INTs, plus 4 more TDs from fumble recoveries.  He was also a pretty good punt returner in the first half of his career, averaging a solid 11.6 yards per return on 157 tries (plus a very good 25.1 on about a season’s worth of kick returns in his career).  There are safeties with more INTs and touchdowns off of them, but not so many when it comes to total defensive touchdowns.  And with the added value of being a good returner, he should maybe get some Hall of Fame consideration, just sayin’.

Haven Moses’ 8091 receiving yards was top-10 all-time when he retired.  He’s way down the list nowadays, but the league wasn’t so pass happy then.  He’s not a Hall of Famer because he’s like 77th all-time now I guess, but still hugely underrated nonetheless.

That’s all for this one.  I’m going back to sleep now.  As always, thanks for stopping by.

Until our next…