Flea Market Finds #5: 25-card $1 Grab Bag Pack

Here be the first of the two 25-card $1 grab bag pack things.  This be the football version.  Here’s the pack in order (accomplishments via Pro-Football-Reference):

1970 topps Ernie Koy (1x Pro Bowl), Roy Jefferson (3x Pro Bowl; 1x First-Team All-Pro), Dan Abramowicz (1x First-Team All-Pro), Don Herrmann, 1968 topps Gino Cappelletti (5x Pro Bowl; 3 double-letters in one name!), Carl Kammerer, Earl Gros, '70 Tim Rossovich (1x Pro Bowl), Chuck Howley (6x Pro Bowl; 5x First-Team All-Pro; 1x Super Bowl MVP)

Vintage, it’s all vintage!

1970 topps David Lee (1x First-Team All-Pro), Dave Osborn (1x Pro Bowl), Jon Morris (7x Pro Bowl; 1x First-Team All-Pro), Jerry Smith (2x Pro Bowl; 1x First-Team All-Pro), 1968 topps Sam Baker (4x Pro Bowl), ’70 Les Josephson (1x Pro Bowl), ’68 EJ Holub (5x Pro Bowl; 2x First-Team All-Pro), 1971 topps Greg Landry (1x Pro Blowl), ’70 Dennis Partee

1970 topps Bill Munson, 1971 topps Floyd Little (5x Pro Bowl; 1x First-Team All-Pro; Hall of Fame class of 2010), 2010 topps Peyton Manning (11x Pro Bowl; 5x First-Team All-Pro; 1x Super Bowl MVP; 4x NFL MVP; 1x Offensive Player of the Year), 1994 Upper Deck Troy Aikman (6x Pro Bowl; 1x Super Bowl MVP; Hall of Fame Class of 2006), 1990 Fleer All-Pro Joe Montana(8x Pro Bowl;3x First-Team All-Pro; 3x Super Bowl MVP; 2x NFL MVP; 1x Offensive Player of the Year; Hall of Fame class of 2000), Jerry Rice (13x Pro Bowl; 10x First-Team All-Pro; 1x Super Bowl MVP; 2x Offensive Player of the Year; all-time leader in rec/rec. yds/rec. TDs/TDs/yds from scrimmage/all-purpose yds; Hall of Fame class of 2010), Barry Sanders (10x Pro Bowl; 6x First-Team All-Pro; 1x NFL MVP; 2x Offensive Player of the Year; 1989 Offensive Rookie of the Year; Hall of Fame Class of 2004)

Vintage Hall of Famer!  Yes, this was basically the best $1 grab bag pack thing ever.  Pretty much puts that McDonald’s dollar menu commercial to shame, eh?

Also, 1994 Upper Deck football is pretty.

Pretty much everything but the Jerry Rice is available for trade.

That’s it for this one.  So long, and thanks for stopping by!

Until our next…

Golf & Soccer Cards

They had a golf five packs & an autograph for $9.99 thing at Shopko, and since it would basically be free after discount, I thought what the hey and picked it up.  The autograph cards on the front were Tiger Woods, Chi-Chi Rodriguez, and Adam Scott.  No way in hell are you gonna get a Tiger auto, and Chi-Chi’s pretty well-known, and Adam Scott is top five in the world-caliber apparently, so it’s hard to expect to even get anyone on their level.  Well, I may have surpassed them both with the auto I pulled… but first, the packs:

2 packs of 2001 Upper deck |G|O|L|F| and one pack each of 2002, 2003, and 2004

Let’s start from the start.

2001 (5 cards per) Pack 1

50 Dennis Paulson- The back basically describes him as the .220 hitter with little pop or other redeeming skills that manages to hang around for a lot of years.  But he won a tournament in 2000 and did respectable in the Masters that year, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

70 Adam Scott Young Guns- Speak of the devil… nice looking card too.  Upper Deck at the height of it’s powers.

174 Thomas Bjorn Victory March- Holy schnikies!  This card will hit the scanner when I have the chance.  This has to be in the running for best looking subset EVER.

200 Joe Durant Checklist- No idea… moving on.

TT28 Tiger’s Tales- 1 per pack Tiger Wood’s retrospective.  Another REALLY nice looking card.

2001 Pack 2

9 Collin Montgomerie

176 Tiger Woods Tour Time- Upper Deck was on fire with the subsets.  Another nice one.

131 Fred Couples Defining Moments- This one almost rivals the Victory March one from above.

SL21 Stewart Cink Stat Leaders- 1:8 pack insert.  Also nice looking; very classy.  This is what the foil parallels in Icons SHOULD’VE looked like.

TT30 Tiger’s Tales

The pack 2 cards were not in awesome shape.


105 Jesper Parnevik Leaderboard- Getting an Upper Deck MVP vibe from this one.

SL5 Charles Howell III Stat Leaders- 1:9 packs in ’02.  Design is kinda tickety.

3 Sergio Garcia- The regular base cards are classy in ’02.

51 Arnold Palmer Legends- Also pretty classy.

73 Mike Weir New World Order- Everybody’s joining the nWo like it’s 1997 all over again.  Huzzah!

2003 Billy Andrade Chip Shots- Another nice subset, black on gold, simple and elegant.

31 Fred Funk

7 Corey Pavin

decoy ad

65 David Toms Leaderboard- One of four subsets that combine to fall one per pack.

MC-38 Karrie Webb Major Champions- 1 per pack insert.  Yet another classy design, this one on nice shiny foil.



D’oh! >.<

I think there was another Karri Webb in it.

*drumroll* And the autograph is….

2002 SP Sign of the Times Bernhard Langer!!  Holy crap, he’s pretty good.  Probably a better pull than Adam Scott, and at the very least, a more successful golfer than Chi-Chi.  78 professional tournament wins on various tours, including two Masters, & the very first guy to be officially ranked #1 in the world.  Check it out.

And finally, a dollar pack of soccer cards from the dollar store.  It was right on top and waaaay thicker than the other packs.

2008 Upper Deck MLS

37 Jaime Moreno (DC United)

92 Nick Garcia (San Jose Earthquakes)

3 Chris Rolfe (Chicago Fire)

16 Alejandro Moreno (Columbus Crew)

52 Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards)

YG-13 Dominic Oduro (FC Dallas) Young Guns

MM-28 Sharlie Joseph (New England Revolution) Materials swatch of *something*- They don’t specify what the swatch is (really, you just have to see the CoA for yourself, it’s a special kind of vague), all I know is that it’s so soft that if you had a blanket made of the material, you could sleep like a baby on a freakin’ bed of nails.  It’s soft.  And I’m actually vaguely aware of who Sharlie Joseph is.  I saw a game on I think ESPN2 pretty recently that he was in (I think going up against Seattle; it got pretty chippy if I recall) and the announcer dudes mentioned him a bunch, so that’s pretty cool I guess.

188 Jim Brennan (Toronto FC)

176 Ryan Johnson (San Jose Earthquakes)

182 Chris Leitch (New York Red Bulls)- They’d have an awesome name if it wasn’t named after a sh*tty energy drink.

123 Wade Barrett (Houston Dynamo)