Cloak Sketch Card

Marvel Now! Cloak..

Marvel Now! Cloak..

I picked this excellent sketch card of the Marvel C-lister up late last month for $5.58 w/ free shipping, because I felt like I needed a Cloak to go with the five Dagger sketch cards I have at present.  They are two of my all-time favorite comic book characters for one very important reason.  When I was but a wii youngling, my dad had two big stacks of old comic books on the bottom of a huge bookcase in my room, and their earliest appearances featured prominently in there.

Those stacks are also the reason I have a soft spot for Jonah Hex and mark out hard for all of his DCAU appearances.  Issues 1-11 of Hex, his adventures in a post-apocalyptic future were in there.  There were also several Digest-sized DC Comics amongst the actual books, which included “Whatever Happened to the Crimson Avenger”, a short story that has stuck with me throughout the years and become one of my all-time favorites.

A few collections of newspaper comics also made an appearance on that magical bookcase.  This is the reason I’m one of the 8 people in the world today who knows of Tug McGraw’s fantastic ’70s baseball comic Scroogie, even though it came and went nearly a decade before I was born.  One of my creative aspirations is to create a sequel (probably in novel form) to that awesome comic.  I will post some pages on the blog if I the two collections ever turn up.

I’ve gotten way off track, but now you know where the root for a great deal of my nerdery comes from.  That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Sketch Card Sale-A-Thon Part 2

Time now for the next bunch of sketch cards I picked up all from this one seller.


Mockingbird by Mauro Fodra..

This one is for the miscellaneous licensed Marvel sketch card page and it is pretty fantastic for the just under $8 price tag.  Definitely one of the nice Fodras.


Dagger by Johndell Snead..

Breakin’ up the Mauro Fodra-fest (there are two more coming) with some Daggers.  Here’s a nice shot by Johndell Snead.  I wish I had the skillz to do anything remotely dynamic like that.

Dagger by Stefanie Battalene..

Dagger by Stefanie Battalene..

This is card is phenomenal.  It almost looks it glows.  Stefanie Battalene is a top-notch artist and I’m super psyched that I’ll have at least three sketch cards by her in my binder when this sketch card buying frenzy is all said & done.  Outstanding work.

She-Hulk by Mauro Fodra..

She-Hulk by Mauro Fodra..

This was also a nice effort for the same price as the Mockingbird.  I like it when She-Hulk actually has muscles.

She-Hulk by Felipe Alves..

She-Hulk by Felipe Alves..

It’s not an absolute necessity though.  This is the other Felipe Alves card I mentioned in the prior post, and despite lack of defined muscles, it is also good.

Scarlet Witch/ She-Hulk puzzle

Scarlet Witch/ She-Hulk puzzle by Mauro Fodra..

Another Mauro Fodra.  Not sure what to do with it though.  Puzzle won’t work on She-Hulk page cuz one isn’t She-Hulk, and I won’t break them up.  But it won’t go on the misc. Marvel full color page cuz She-Hulk is on it.  So I guess I’m gonna have to start some other page for it.

That’s all for today.  We’ll do the third part of this saga once they get here and have been scanned.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Other COMC Keepers

Here are the last of the keepers from my latest Check Out My Cards order/binge.

First up, some glossy Allen & Ginter..

All three came from the same set break, as you can see..

A couple new cards of my favorite pro wrestler of all-time, the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Heavyweight Champion of the world and overall most decorated champion in WCW history, Booker T!

The Muscles, Ink back..

A few random comic cards. No, that Hulk card isn't phallic at all. Why do you ask?

A few comic backs..

And finally, hottie hits..

My COMC keepers, ladies & gentlemen.  Stay tuned for trade bait and the inks for my latest pair of Marvel sketch covers.  Thank you and goodnight.

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More Sketch Cards

My internet is back!  Give Jose a raise!  Until I pick up the scans of my mutant Allen & Ginter blaster, here’s more sketch cards for you today.  I have more sketch card scans too, so there will be more posts like this as well.  Or maybe I’ll just post one here & there when there isn’t much to do.  But anyway, here’s more sketch cards, including the missing Ryu from the last post.  Let’s rock this roll.

Vampirella! I don't know how she ended up here when I uploaded her third, but w/e, WordPress.

Cloak & Dagger! Really like how this one turned out. Gotta do more like this. 🙂

Here's Ryu. As mediocre as advertised.

Last two are a webcomic idea that may or may not see the light of day.  Who wants some serious war story with chibis?


Gio. Less evil than he appears. Way less.

There ya go.  Hope ya like ’em. 🙂

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