Do You Like Comic Books?

Do you like winning free stuff? How about if that free stuff is comic books? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may want to head over to TJ (of the late All Your Base Cards) and Guy‘s new joint Obsessive Rec and let ’em know what your first and/or favorite comic book of all-time was/is, on the contest post, and maybe win a few of their recent recommendations.

The Diamond King Last Chance Contest Pimpage!

There’s a new blog in town… that actually seems to have started before even my first six long since deleted posts from March/April 2008.  But after a 27 or so month hiatus, The Diamond King is officially with us again, and is holding a contest to promote this most auspicious occasion.  There are seven big ways to win big (well, six since that Ichiro Jersey card will be miiiiiiiiiiine), so if you haven’t already joined up, you still have about 24 hours to follow that link to do so.  So do so, ya!

Promotional consideration paid for by the following…

Contest and Interview Notices and a Poll

The Hall of Very Good has an interview legendary sports card artist Dick Perez.  Check it out!

JD’s Wild Cardz is holding an epic Olympic contest.  Go enter if it’s not too late.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.  I did nothing at all to celebrate, unless sleeping all afternoon and into the evening counts.  I did get $50 total from parents and relatives though, which will either go for a box or two of cards or the thing of 48 ridiculously expensive markers at the art supply place that is just over $50, marked down from over $200!  Can always use more markers, more choice of colors the better, right?  Of course, if they are gone by the time I can get there again (likely), it’ll be a moot point.

Still though, I’ll take a poll.

Finally, check back tonight or tomorrow for a little something cool I’m in the process of even as I type this.

Until our next…

The Winning Number!

Here’s the winning number:


The card you’ve been trying to win was #’ed /57, hence the guessing pf numbers between 1 and 57, and if you can’t tell from the blurrier than I was expecting scan, it’s #’ed 19/57.  Therefore, the winning number is:


Nobody guessed the right number though.  I guess I don’t have enough reach for a contest like this yet, or the contest just wasn’t good enough to attract enough interest to get a lot of people guessing.  Either that or y’all are just bad guessers. 😛

Now what do I do though?  Do I throw it into the drawing now, and leave all five cards to be won that way?  Do I give it to the person that’s guess was the closest?  Suggestions please. :/

Contests Out the Wazoo

Card Cashe‘s contest is almost over, but check it oot.  Maybe we can get another person or two in under the gun.  Win some Allen & Ginter goodness, as long as you leave one for me. 😛

Also try to win a HUGE Hall of Fame prize package from the Collective Troll. Or just vote for some Hall of Famers if the prize interests you not.  Enter here, more votes are needed, nay DEMANDED.  Bwahahahaha… umm, yeah.

One of these days I’m gonna do a contest.  Maybe when I get to 5,000 hits.  I’ve got some stuff I’d like to give away.

Alright friends, fans, and future lovers (wait, do I even have ANY of those things?), I gots to attempt sleepin’.  Sh*t’s about to be on when I wake up in the morning early afternoon.  Peace & pizza pie!

Get ya trollface on…

Another Contest Alert

Another contest to report, this one happening over at the Voice of the Collector.  Win some National Convention Swag.  Nine prizes up for the taking…

Top Prize: Lisa Gleave Kiss/Auto inscribed to Card Corner… o.O

2nd Prize: Former MLB player and manager Herman Franks Cut Auto

3rd Prize: A revolutionary new baseball protector called the Ball Dome

4th Prize: There are no honorable mentions here.  4th Prize is a $10 off coupon for Blowout Cards & a magnetic case.

5th Prize: Tri*Star Obak Promo Set

6th Prize: PSA T-206 Poster

7th Prize: Upper Deck Redemption thingies, Obak Mini Promos, and FCB Prospect Set

8th Prize: St. Louis Cardinals All-Star Poster

9th Prize: FCB Prospect Set

Dillydally not, young Padowan.  Enter today.  Or before it ends at least.  I’m gonna go eat some rice.