Ya Know Why I Love Benchwarmers?

Because they are the gift...

that keeps on...


Yeah!  The backs of almost every card have a full or close to full-sized picture on them, lol.  The poll seems to have disappeared, but most people seemed to like them some boobies.  I believe it was 7-1 in favor of this continuing last time I had checked it.  About four people wanted cookies too, so I guess I shall have to satiate their collective overpowering sweet tooths (teeths?) as well sometime.

Come by late this evening for an update on the contest.  I think I’ve decided how to play it going forward, since nobody guessed correctly to win the big card.

That’s all for now.  Have a beautiful weekend, beautiful people.  Hehe… 😉

Until our next…

Selling Out for the Blog Hits: eBay Winnin’s #1

Yaharr, when I scanned the half done sketch cards, I also (at the risk of being b*tched out, no less) scanned some of the eBay stuffs from recent weeks to share with y’all.  Hawt chicks & Aramis Ramirez & trade bait ahoy!  This is #1 of about a gazillion, btw.

First, the hawt chicks.  Bring on teh Benchwarmers!

Cora Skinner Auto

I... I don't know who she is. Sorry.

Leslie Gomez Auto

Think clean thoughts, chum. 🙂

Jaime Hammer Auto

Hey cool, someone sorta recognizable. Probably why she was 2/3 of the cost of these cards.

Okay gents, how’s that for a kickoff to your Saturday?  Are y’all awake now?  It’s card-related at least, right? 😛

More of this to come, mayhaps…