I Had An Idea…

So there’s this Score factory set I wanna get, mainly because I want the bonus Matt Forte prime jersey card in it.  Of course I can’t really justify/afford the $50 price tag, especially for just one card (and maybe the Bears team set).  So, I have a proposition.  Does anyone want team some sets?  $3-$5, depending on RCs/overall team star power.  And I’ll throw in a bonus with each set to sweeten the pot a little.  Random hits I’ve got laying around, some of my old sketch cards, more cards from the same team (if available) or another you collect, that kinda thing.  Just let me know what you’d like.

In the name of efficiency, I may need most people to send SASEs.  I don’t really want to do it like that, but knowing of my legendary disorganization/slowness, it’s probably just easier that way, even with a relatively simple thing like this.  And anyone already due a trade package, I’ll just include your lot with the trade.

I can justify going through with this if I get half or more of the teams committed to.  Teams will be first come, first serve, and you can claim as many as you’d like I guess.  Paypal or money order please, and the Bears team set will be available.  I’ll only keep it if it’s left unclaimed.

This also makes for a handy small scale test run for the Old School Breaks-style group break I’ve been wanting to do for ages now.  If this goes well, maybe that can actually happen someday.

I think that about covers it.  Now then, is anyone interested?