The Culinary Mad Scientist Returns!- Eggo Omelette Edition

That’s right, EGGO omelette. I basically threw something resembling southwest omelette fixins between two Eggos and heated ’em. It’s really that simple. I have card posts, but this just happened to happen, and it’s my blog, so let’s eat!

Just grab a couple Eggos or waffles or whatever you like. Even make ’em from scratch if you want. You may wish to to send ’em through the toaster before you nuke your mix.

Lay down some cheese of your choice on one Eggo and chop up some of your favorite omelette fixins and sammich it all together and pop it in the microwave until hot enough for your liking. Took about a minute for me, but microwave times and how you do the waffly goodness may vary. I suppose if you could probably cut the microwave out entirely if you put it together quick enough after toasting or something. The melty cheeze helps hold it all in place to a degree though, so I dunno for sure though.

I used tomatoes, jalapenos, a pinch of habanero, and mushrooms. Also a lil Franks Xtra Hot and crushed red pepper, because my jalapenos were pretty weak this time around. But anyway, yeah, that’s about all there is to it.

This post was more pathetically short and pointless than I realized when I started it, so here’s a card of Pamela Anderson.  Enjoy.

Vintage boobage! 😛