COMC Order #2

Vintage 2: Son of The Search for Curly’s Electric Boogaloo Returns

Yeah, let that sweet vintage goodness wash over you and cleanse your soul...

These are all Hall of Famers (except the card-sharing Downing and the Cobra, who is fairly close to Hall-worthy), and they are all keepers this time.

Is that ’72 not glorious?  1047 wins represented on that card!  And those two early-mid ’80s Carews probably don’t qualify as vintage yet, but they’re getting way too close for comfort.  That is depressing, because I will become vintage only one year later.  Not cool, man, not cool. 😦

On that disheartening note, the next post will be short, in more ways than one, as we somewhat seamlessly segue out of vintage and into the next section.

Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy Universal Non-Denominational Holiday Celebration to all!

Now I have a machine gun.  Ho-ho-ho…

The Lonestarr Personal Collection #7

Coming off an 86 hit day for my blog, I think I should try to keep it going.  So here’s a little personal collection goodness for your viewing pleasure:

I actually pulled this from a pack myself!

I actually pulled this from a pack myself!

It’s true, I pulled this from a pack!  A pack of 2005 topps Pack Wars… wait wut?  If you are confused, don’t worry, so was I when I pulled it.  I even wrote the dude I got the pack from, asking about it.  He didn’t even know.  I’m not sure how I found out what the deal was, but I was eventually steered in the right direction.

In the odds on the back of the pack, in 1:59 packs falls a retired player autograph.  It’s vague and easy to overlook.  This is what you get.  Leftover 2003 topps Fan Favorites autographs.  It’s more awesome than you think.  I mean, that was a pretty great set, with lots of regionally legendary Hall of Very Good players amongst the Hall of Famers.  It’s not a high priority, but I would like to get ahold of some more someday.

As for this card itself, there is so much going for it:

• One of these years, Lee Smith is going to get into the Hall of Fame.

• The auto is on card, which is always nice.

• His sig is also nice.  Pleasingly loopy.

• The design is 1983 topps, quite possibly the most perfectly designed cards ever made.

• Lee’s smile in the little head shot makes you fear for your life.

There you have it, one of the cooler pieces of my personal collection.