A New Year Is Upon Us

Which means millions of failed resolutions will cover the earth like a post-apocalyptic wasteland by March.  I only made one: To be on more sketch card sets this year.  One’s already confirmed (and the cards are hear), still waiting to hear on a second (becoming less hopeful by the minute).  So I’m off to a good start.  I don’t like the resolution thing, making unrealistic goals you can’t keep.  Besides a little more sketch card work, I just want to keep building on the good of 2011.  I lost 15 lbs from late spring through mid-summer and have maintained it, weighing in between 199 and 208 lbs ever since (206 at last check, after overdoing it bigtime to start the year).  Nothing unrealistic, just keep getting better.

I’d like to maybe get one of my first drafts of novels written (three in development), and while I’m going to try, I’m not making it a resolution.  It has to be an organic thing, like my success in getting healthier was last year.  I didn’t make a resolution to do that.  I just decided last March to take the vast majority of red meat out of my diet and try to eat a little healthier in general.  And circumstances necessitated I be a little more physical than normal, having to clean up and prepare my place for inspections entirely on my own.  It just works out better that way, I think.

I have a few collecting goals I hope to achieve this year, but again, I’m only making a resolution of the first one or three.  I’m not going very far out of my way for the rest.  Life and everything will dictate where I end up on them.

1.) This is the important one.  I must get all my outstanding trades dealt with.  I know I owe cards to Marie, CamClow, GSNHoF, Carl Crawford Cards, Shoebox Legends, Project ’62, Pursuit of Griffey, and one other very long-defunct blog.  Plus I have several more trades to get too in the near future.  I need to be a better and more consistent trader!

2.) This is of some importance too.  Get all my pages fully updated.  I’ve done a bit of this here & there in recent weeks, getting a little trade bait and player collections added in, but I’m still a long way from finished.  There are probably more tweaks to come as well.

3.) Also kinda important.  Blog more!  Since I got my parents old scanner and it’s already set up and working and everything, I don’t have any excuses left to not blog on a regular basis, except just not having anything to say sometimes.  And those times I can probably find something else to talk about.  Geeky news, sports commentary, novel nonsense, passable poetry, whatever.  Just say something, kid.

4.) Now for the collection itself.  Break 100 cards in at least two player collections.  With the Zambrano collection on the shelf for the time being, I think Aramis Ramirez is my only one within shouting distance, so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me if I’m going to finish this one.  I think Vlad Guerrero and Ichiro are my next closest, and Vlad doesn’t have as many chasers, so I’d guess he’ll probably be my second.  Ichiro and Ryne Sandberg could still be contenders though.

5.) Get to 50 cards in the 1960 Topps set. I think I’ll need about 37 cards to do this.  I have 12 in-hand and Wally Post waiting to be delivered from the Diamond Giveaway.  It’s… doable, I guess.  We’ll just have to see what comes up.

6.) Complete a few sets.  I think 2010 Topps 2020 (only need Buster Posey), Propaganda Posters, and a couple of the Baseball Highlights sketches are reasonable to expect myself to finish.  Perhaps the World’s Greatest Word Smiths.

7.) Start a baseball Frankenset.  792 cards.  Every base set ever made by any company can be used.  SPs and variations are acceptable as long as they retain their particular set’s numbering (thus making recent topps variations and such eligible for inclusion, but only non-parallel versions).

Guess that’s it for today.  I’m done braining.  Coherence… failing.  Today was long and busy.  Most of the last couple weeks have been.  Sleep sounds good.  Preferably 16 hours or so.  I’ve been doing a little better with it lately after falling apart for a couple months, so lots of fairly restful sleep isn’t entirely out of the question.  Goodnight and such.

Oh yeah, I also resolve to have a one night stand/torrid affair with a celebrity. 😉