Repack Regrets #1

I am currently semi-laid up after tweaking my back a couple days ago and then, after getting back to 80% or so good, re-injuring it yesterday morning.  But I had some scans that would make for an easy post (or three or four) that really just needed editing, so fortunately for you, dear reader, that means you get a blog post today.

I have picked up a few repacks since the beginning of the year, and while all but one had redeeming quallities that grew on me over time, all but maybe one on the opposite still fall firmly in regret territory.  So let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?  Today we’ll take a look at the little basketball cubes, probably the least regrettable of the regrettable repack purchases.

Each cube came with 1 pack of 2008 Press Pass, one rookie from the white border 2007-08 Topps Rookie set, and one random scrub hit.  Normal price these turds are $6.99, but they were on sale for $3, so I grabbed all five Target had at the time.

The Rookies..

The Rookies..

Old LeBron Oden is likely bound for the Pacific Northwest, but the rest are available.  Checking their stats, Mike Conley Jr. is a legitimately good player, and Brewer & Hawes are both capable of averaging double figures when they get a chance.  Better bunch than I realized.

The Scrub Hits..

The Scrub Hits..

The best I can say about any of these guys is at least three of them are on teams that I have trading partners for.  Well, no that’s not fair.  They’re all pretty worthless hits, but you could fairly claim everyone except Frank Williams, who never got a fair shot, were all serviceable players at various points in their careers.  And of course Livingston got gruesomely injured right as he was starting to come into his own.  But as hits, pretty scrubby.  Childress was also dinged up.

The Packs..

The Packs..

The packs are where it’s at with these things.  That draft was absolutely loaded, and so the set not only looks good, it was also full of stars.



These packs are what made the cubes a only minor regret.  I probably wouldn’t even regret them at all if the D-Rose insert hadn’t been dinged up.  Press Pass inserts have a long history of freakin’ pwnage, and 2008 was no exception.  I guess everything but the D-Roses are available.  I know there’s a UCLA collector out there in the blogosphere.

Well, that’s it for this one.  I don’t know what’s coming up next, or when it’s coming.  Probably either the baseball repack or some stuff from COMC.  But whatever/whenever it happens, you’ll be the first to know.  Thanks for stopping by!

Into the night…

A Hot Streak of “Junk” Hits

On the heels of Saturday’s “junk” hit extravaganza (Michael Saunders prospect jersey, Ramon Hernandez jersey, and 1:65 pack Jason Schmidt parallel out of only six packs), Tuesday netted me another “junk” hit.  A three pack for $5, uhh… pouch, from K-Mart, scored me an ’07 Allen & Ginter Scott Podsenik bat card.  I wasn’t collecting baseball when they came out the previous years, so I wanted to get one of them.  The pack was giving off those vibes I can’t explain, that I get from virtually every pack I get a hit out of.  My super power of getting (usually junk) hits out of retail packs without searching them is working better than it probably ever has.  Considering it was a three pack pouch that prevented me choosing anything else (nothing of note in the ’07 Upper Deck or Topps series two lamo 6-card, 99 cent pack), and the bat card came out of the pack I was after in the first place, that amounts to a hit or tough pull non-hit in 4 out of my last 7 packs.

As an aside, I don’t actually consider any of these guys junk.  Ramon has been one of the most consistently productive catchers in baseball over the course of his 8 year career, Michael Saunders is a prospect that appears to have some promise, and might actually turn out pretty decent, Jason Schmidt is a solid pitcher (ask my Cubbies about that *cries*), and Scott Podsednik is one of the more feared base stealers of his generation, not to mention a freakin’ world series hero for crying out loud.

The card itself is very strange.  The little wedge of bat is in place on the card and held down by the frame, but it’s loose in there and can be moved around a bit.  That totally caught me off guard.  Not that it’s a bad thing though.  Just… surprising.  Steve of White Sox Cards gets this bad mamma-jamma, seeing as he’s depicted as a member of the Sox on the card (I honestly don’t remember if Scott played for them in 2007 or not… thanks for the combination of your crappy ability to remember stuff written into my DNA, parents! ;P).  My White Sox stack is getting pretty big again, so maybe pulling this is a sign we need to trade once more.

That’s the great thing about all this, one person’s junk hit is another person’s significantly less junky hit… or something.  I dunno, there’s too much junk floating around in my head lately.

Over and out!

Got Mah Mojo Back (My God Mojo is an Annoying Word)

Saturday my beloved Cubbies’ season ended.  I’m not pleased… but, I am an eternal optimist.  I always try to stay positive.  It goes beyond being a Cubs fan.  I just am.  And sooner or later, we WILL win it all.  Of that, I have no doubt.

Before the game I was out though and got my annual dose of deep fried oreos.  Had a delicious but far too small steak kabob and some lil sugary donuts too.  Canival type food rocks in October.  All I needed was some apple cider.  I don’t really like apple cider, but the cool weather and turning leaves and freshly fried dough just makes me want it for some reason.  One thing i will miss when I leave here is the fall.  It is amazing.  That is a post for another time though.

The after is what I want to talk about right now though.  I went to Shopko.  Not having enough for any of the hobby boxes they had (SP Rookie Edition for $55 was tempting me greatly), because I wasted so much on that Prime Dogs*** on Friday, I just went through the $1.59 clearance boxes… yes boxes.  There were FOUR FULL BOXES of $1.59 packs.  I picked up an ’07 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, ’04 Fleer InScribed, Two packs of ’06 Fleer Ultra Hobby, 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man, and one regular priced pack of 2008 Allen & Ginter, because I likey the minis.

InScribed was all base, as was 40-Man, though I still like it even though I’ve never gotten a damn thing out of it or it’s football counterpart, except some shinny Texans rookie that didn’t do that much.  One pack of Fleer Ultra had a (slightly damaged) Zambrano insert in it, and nothing else of note.  Allen Ginter had an SP mini Ginter Back which is something like 1:65 packs I think.  Naturally, this was a Dodger.  #337 Jason Schmidt… Oh well, it’s still a nice card.  Any Dodgers fans out there want it?

The first and fourth packs, in the order they were opened, were Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects and the other Fleer Ultra pack, respectively.  Both of them had jersey cards in them.  First from BDPP, we have Seattle Mariners prospect Michael Saunders, who, judging by his progression and statistics, is actually fairly promising.  He is only 22 and has made it to AAA already, and seeing as Seattle sucks pretty horribly, he may get a shot on the big club if he gets off to a hot start.  And in Fleer Ultra, we have above average catcher Ramon Martinez, who has been around for quite awhile and been productive wherever he’s been.  Not a hobby star obviously, but a solid player nonetheless.  I’ve pulled plenty worse sadly.

Two hits, and a rather hard to get non-hit, in six packs.  I think this qualifies as finally getting my “mojo” back.  What a lame word, by the way.  People that say it without irony in their video box breaks sound… foolish… yeah, just foolish.  I’m feeling generous today, what can I say?  At any rate, my mystical powers are working again.  Or I’m being patient enough to let them work again.  I dunno.  Someday I’ll explain… just as soon as I figure it out myself.  Right now we’ll just call it “hit sense”.

There ya have it, about $11 worth of packs completely destroyed Friday’s $24… if only I could go to Shopko more often.  Since they don’t seem to be jacking up the single pack prices by 10% anymore, with all the clearance stuff they have, and factoring in the random hobby boxes, Shopko has a huge selection, and is THE place to get cards here.  Once upon a time, I also found the PS2 game “The Red Star” there.  What?

Mojo sad...

Mojo sad...

Until our next,