A Couple Small Trades

The come from Baseball Dad and Da Rook, respectively.  I will find the cards I’m looking for and send them to them in return for these beauties sooner or later.

Here’s what Baseball Dad sent:

A couple Rynos, Rod Carew for K-Mart, Frank Robinson, the First Clementes I've ever gotten in a trade, the rare set need card (Nobunaga), and LT aka the reason for the trade in the first place.

And, though I still can’t find the missing Alomar, this trade is finally mailer’d up and ready to go.  I did call his bluff and throw in an extra case & a half of random Indians cards though.

Now for the cards from Sarah:

Ichiro & Vlad toppstown golds, old school Ted, probably the coolest Tales of the Game insert, and possibly the only meaningful ticket in Ticket to Stardom..

Man, remember when everyone thought the Cubs horribly overpaid for Lilly?  He’s only gone on to become the most reliable pitcher in one of the better starting rotations in the league.  He’s like… the anchor that keeps them afloat.

And I mentioned the Shin-Soo Choo card might be the only one with a ticket to a meaningful game to the player depicted in the entire set.  Behold!

The only way it could've been better if the ticket was from the semifinal, but it's Ticket to Stardom, so I'll take what I can get. Also, it's #'ed 1/90, which is nice. Also, Jackie's legendarytastic World Series moment in text form. Reading is good.

Don’t see too many tickets from this where the player actually did something, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a memorable one.  Hopefully I can find the straggler and get the gaggle of Chippahs sent on their way soon.

Oh, my wantlist has been updated quite a bit.  Be sure to check it out!

Adieu, homies.

More Discount Cards From K-Mart #3: The Big Finish

This is not actually the big finish.  I’ve picked up four or five more discount blasters since Christmas, the latest two being Goudey.  Here though is the next Upper Deck Heroes blaster for you.  If your lucky, I’ll get through the next four much faster.  I seriously don’t even have a decent excuse for my slowness to post.

Pack 1

115 Alex Rodriguez

181 Eddie Murray/Prince Fielder

28 Daisuke Matsuzaka

52 Victor Martinez

33 Carl Yastrzemski Black

Pack 2

184 Bob Gibson/Jake Peavy

65 Justin Verlander

86 Chone Figgins

26 Curt Shilling

148 Barry Zito Black- Dinged Corners.

Pack 3

163 Bob Gibson

2 Dan Haren

74 Lance Berkman

158 Chris Carpenter

114 Derek Jeter Black

Pack 4

38 Derrek Lee- Keeper.

189 Chipper Jones/Ryan Braun/Miguel Cabrera

96 Prince Fielder

137 Pat Burrell

3 Chris Young Black

Pack 5

132 Daric Barton A’s RC

118 Hideki Matsui

49 Aaron Harang

YSL5631 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy

142 Felix Pie Black- Keeper.

Pack 6

95 Kelly Johnson

14 Nick Markakis- Possible Keeper.

11 Jeff Francoeur

63 Gary Sheffield

57 Troy Tulowitzki Black

Pack 7

192 Joe Mauer/Hanley Ramirez/Troy Tulowitzki- Keeper.

113 Phil Hughes

36 Alfonso Soriano- Keeper.

170 Vernon Wells

186 Vladimir Guerrero/Ichiro Suzuki/Manny Ramirez Black- Keeper.

Pack 8

84 Howie Kendrick

1 Brandon Webb

145 Greg Maddux

YSL5656 Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy

122 Reggie Jackson Black

Pack 9

24 Jacoby Ellsbury

107 David Wright

125 Don Mattingly

149 Tim Lincecum Green Parallel 312/499– This one is going out to The Nennth Inning.

19 Mike Lowell Black

Everything not listed as a keeper is up for trade, save most of the Red Sox.  Pick any team besides the Red Sox, and they can be yours.  Even most of my White Sox are better served going to someone besides White Sox Cards, because he has most of them already.  Just hit me up in the comments we’ll see if we can’t work something out.

I’ve started working on a specific want list page that I might be able to finish this weekend, so you can see exactly what I be after (so I don’t end up with 10 Upper Deck X Fukudome’s :P).

Till the Crossroads…

More Discount Cards from K-Mart #2

Here is box number two of the three 1/2-price 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes boxes from K-Mart.  I’ll just throw a keeper or say it’s going to next to the keepers or already reserved cards.

Pack 1

3 Chris Young

96 Prince Fielder

137 Pat Burrell

YSL5611 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy

41 Ernie Banks Black- Keeper.

Pack 2

186 Vladimir Guerrero/Ichiro Suzuki/Manny Ramirez- Keeper.

148 Barry Zito- This one’s going to Dinged Corners.

118 Hideki Matsui

49 Aaron Harang

67 Al Kaline Black

Pack 3

174 Lastings Milledge

73 J.R. Towles

170 Vernon Wells

YSL5636 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy- Uncool Upper Deck.  That’s three times now…

64 Miguel Cabrera Black

Pack 4

103 Rod Carew- MAYBE keeper.

19 Mike Lowell

86 Chone Figgins

26 Curt Shilling

108 Johan Santana Black

Pack 5

196 Derek Jeter/Ken Griffey Jr./Cal Ripken Jr./Ichiro Suzuki- Keeper.

44 Paul Konerko

11 Jeff Francoeur

63 Gary Sheffield

164 B.J. Upton Black

Pack 6

176 Don Mattingly/Wade Boggs- Shoebox Legends… probably.  I’ve got plenty of Red Sox ready to send to him, so if a Mattingly collector steps up, I can let this one go to you instead.

71 Andrew Miller

125 Don Mattingly

36 Alfonso Soriano- Keeper.

195 Mike Schmidt/Ernie Banks/Frank Robinson Black- Keeper.

Pack 7

17 John Maine

43 Jermaine Dye

107 David Wright

180 Cal Ripken Jr./Tony Gwynn Gold(?) Parallel #’d 004/299– Numbered Parallel w00t!!

12 Josh Hamilton Black

Pack 8

190 Don Mattingly/Dave Winfield/Reggie Jackson

172 Frank Thomas

145 Greg Maddux

34 Wade Boggs- Shoebox Legends.

39 Carlos Zambrano Black- Keeper.

Pack 9

141 Joe Blanton

10 Brian McCann

144 Jake Peavy- Missing.  I think he must’ve fallen on the floor or something.  I wonder if that’s why the trade didn’t work out… *ducks a pair of shoes thrown by D-Train, only to be hit in the face by a third*

YSL5661 Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy

87 Andruw Jones Black

There ya go.  I have pulled four numbered parallels from packs and boxes and have yet to pull the same color twice.  One red (Volquez), one blue (Berkman), one gold-ish (Ripken/Gwynn), one green (forthcoming but already taken).

I’m getting kinda tweaked about getting more than one Yankee Stadium Legacy of the same guy from the same blaster for the third time now.

Everybody without a keeper by their name is up for grabs.  Let me know, cheeky Wii monkeys.  Aloha.

Over and out!

More Discount Cards from K-Mart #1

Went back to K-Mart to see if they still had any two blasters for the price of one left.  They did have one of those left, but they also had some newer stuff priced to move as well.  Some formerly $19.99 boxes were marked down to $10.99, and I ended up with three 2008 Upper Deck Heroes blasters that were $7.49 marked down from their standard $14.99.  This here is the contents of the first box.  The next boxes will follow soon after.

Pack 1

77 Hunter Pence

7 John Smoltz

188 Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter/Robinson Cano

109 Billy Wagner

151 Omar Vizquel Black Parallel

Pack 2

101 Joe Mauer

135 Chase Utley

78 Luke Hochevar Royals RC

40 Aramis Ramirez

156 Albert Pujols Black Parallel

Pack 3

157 Troy Glaus

72 Josh Willingham

183 Steve Carlton/Johan Santana

68 Hanley Ramirez

177 Carlton Fisk/Carl Yastrzemski Black Parallel

Pack 4

48 Adam Dunn

93 Chin-Lung Hu Dodgers RC

195 Mike Schmidt/Ernie Banks/Frank Robinson

YSL4299 Bucky Dent Yankee Syadium Legacy

47 Ken Griffey Jr. Black Parallel

Pack 5

25 Kevin Youkilis

117 Jorge Posada

100 Justin Morneau

136 Cole Hamels

21 David Ortiz Black Parallel

Pack 6

13 Tim Hudson

42 Jim Thome

200 Albert Pujols/Derek Jeter/Prince Fielder/David Ortiz

167 Michael Young

70 Dan Uggla Black Parallel

Pack 7

128 Eric Chavez

66 Ivan Rodriguez

16 Cal Ripken Jr.

80 Matt Cain

150 Rich Hill Black Parallel

Pack 8

111 Mariano Rivera

193 Nolan Ryan/Greg Maddux/Randy Johnson

112 Chien-Ming Wang

YSL4274 Ron Guidry Yankee Stadium Legacy

121 Yogi Berra Black Parallel

Pack 9

147 Tony Gwynn

90 Matt Kemp

152 Ichiro Suzuki

23 Jonathan Papelbon

46 Corey Hart Black Parallel

That’s it for this one.  I really like this set, it looks good, and it is a pretty top heavy set with very few scrubs.  This is a great one for set collectors, as far as I’m concerned.  And the black parallels are made of win.

For this box, any Cubs, the Griffey and Ortiz parallels, the quad featuring Ortiz, Ichiro, Hanley, and maybe Pence and Wang are keepers.  The Red Sox are already reserved, dupes (there will be some, as of later) not withstanding, and the triple with A-Rod has a destination in mind.

A few other teams have destinations in mind, but I haven’t sent any e-mails inquiring trade, so everybody not mentioned above is up for grabs, for player or team collection or set completion consideration.  Let me know if anything catches your interest.

Going Going Gone

Sale! #1

I was out buying those cases I send my trades out in Tuesday, when I stopped in at K-Mart… and there they were.  2008 Upper Deck X and Masterpieces blasters… buy one, get one free.  2008!  I couldn’t pass those babies up.  I haven’t had so many packs to bust in one sitting for a REALLY long time, and even though I didn’t pull anything spectacular, and my arm was actually hurting by the time I was done, I had an absolute blast.  Few things in the world are more fun than busting a lot of packs at once.

Before I get to the Upper Deck X breakdown though, I’ll mention that I also picked up PS2 game Raw Danger, a game I’ve been wanting to play since I first heard about it a good year-and-a-half+ ago, at K-Mart as well… for $4.99!  Not bad eh?  About $100 worth of stuff for $45 is prety good, right?

Anyway, with that all said, I thought I’d break it down for you.  Here is the Upper Deck X first.

Two Blasters, 10 Packs per Blaster, Six Cards per Pack, One Not Really Guaranteed, Guaranteed Jersey per Blaster.


51/100… Just over half the base set, so I may try to finish it.  I’ll put down what I need on the Want List Page I’m working on, to debut soon.


15/100… 6 (Smoltz) 13 (Manny Ramirez), 15 (Josh Beckett), 22 (KOSUKE FUKUDOME~!!), 29 (Adam Dunn), 36 (Garrett Atkins), 43 (Hanley Ramirez), 57 (Prince Fielder), 62 (David Wright), 67 (Hideki Matsui), 76 (Ryan Howard), 81 (Khalil Greene), 83 (Greg Maddux), 97 (Vernon Wells), 99 (Ryan Zimmerman)

Except for Fukudome, these are all up for trade.


5 (Dan Haren), 10 (Nick Markakis), 12 (David Ortiz), 17 (Carlos Zambrano), 19 (Aramis Ramirez), 31 (Edison Volquez), 33 (Travis Hafner), 38 (Troy Tulowitzki), 52 (Vlad Guerrero), 54 (Russell Martin), 59 (Justin Morneau), 66 (Ian Kennedy RC), 71 (Robinson Cano), 73 (Frank Thomas), 75 (Jimmy Rollins), 80 (Adrian Gonzalez), 82 (Jake Peavy), 89 (Erik Bedard), 94 (Evan Longoria RC), 96 (Michael Young)

I’m keeping Ortiz, Vlad, Zambrano, Aramis and maybe Frank Thomas.  And it’ll take a good Kosuke Fukudome (one I don’t have), Geovany Soto or MAYBE Alexei Ramirez rookie if you want the Longoria.  The rest are officially up for trade.

Gold Die-Cut-

40 (Miguel Cabrera), 89 (Erik Bedard)

Same with these two, up for trade.


X1: Brian Roberts, Carlos Zambrano, Grady Sizemore, Todd Helton, Jimmy Rollins, Justin Morneau, Magglio Ordonez, Gary Sheffield

X2: Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Beltran, Chase Utley, Derrek Lee, Ken Griffey Jr., Matt Holliday

X3: Jimmy Rollins, Prince Fielder

X4: Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes

Zambrano, Lee, Aramis, and Griffey are keepers.  A-Rod goes into the A-Rod stack, which may have a home with Kimaloo now.  Prince goes into the Brewers stack meant for Thorzul if my lazy arse ever gets around to emailing him.  Nobody else have a specific destination in mind except for *maybe* the Phillies.

That goes for most of my cards, actually.  Only my Astros, Braves, Brewers, Dodgers, Phillies, Rays, Red Sox, White Sox, A-Rods now, and of course the favorites of Dinged Corners have specific homes in mind.  If you have another favorite team, let me know, I’ll get some stuff together.  And if you think you are one of the people I’m thinking of sending one of the above teams to, gimme a holla as well.

Oh yeah, the jerseys, such as they are…

Kenji Johjima and Jeff Kent.  Mleh.

How sad that the first Japanese catcher to play in MLB (and up until this past season, a top ten producer amongst catchers), and a first ballot caliber Hall of Fame second basemen would elicit a “mleh”, but such is the state of our world and our hobby.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this purchase of Upper Deck X, I got a surprising number of keepers and a good bit of trade bait, not to mention enough cards to justify going for the complete base set.  And the more I look at them, the more I like the base design of Upper Deck X.  There is something to be said for the design fitting the theme, I think.  And the XPonentials are swank, especially X3 and X4.

That’s it for this post.  Of course I have no scans or anything.  Sorry.  Ahem, hit me up if you see something you like.  Next time on BTHE, Upper Deck Masterpieces.  Lots of pretty base and absolutely nothing else. *thumbs… up?*

See You, Space Cowboy