Not Much Blogging, But Still Arting

I’m probably never blogging in any meaningful way on WordPress ever again, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t still been collecting cards and doing stuff.  In fact, dedicating approximately zero seconds to this blog over the past several months has freed up enough time that even my uncannily lazy & hopelessly unfocused ass has been able to settle down a bit here & there to create a decent amount (for me anyway) of art.  So I figure I might as well show off a few of my better works from the “after I bought a tablet & started using Instagram” era (established early July, 2015).

Star Wars Sketch Cover..

Rey Star Wars Sketch Cover..

First up is the most recent, a Star Wars Shattered Empire #1 sketch cover of Rey from the upcoming Force Awakens.  I think I spent somewhere between five and six hours on this early Saturday morning.  Turned out alright. 😉

Kyle and Jake..

Kyle and Jake..

You’ll notice the faces are more accurate than a lot of my baseball sketch cards these days, because I just grabbed the reference photos off the internets instead of trying to work from a tiny baseball card.  Thanks, tablet!

Bo Jackson..

Bo Jackson sketch card..

See what I mean?  Not a terrible coloring job at least, despite using filtery, washed out A&G as reference.  Meh, I like this card less every single time I look at it.  Let’s just move on.

Lou Gehrig sketch card..

Lou Gehrig sketch card..

They turn out alright sometimes though. I’m not entirely displeased with my performance on Lou anyway.  Now might be a good time to remind everyone that, while technically I am doing this for my health (I’ve noted before, arting is good for my emotional state), I would very much like to turn my art around for a little extra cash, or at the very least, some nice new cards to add to my personal collection.  So if you see something you like, do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me or tweet me or something so we can work out a deal!



Moving on, we have this Clayton Kershaw I drew/inked up well before I had the tablet/Instagram, but didn’t get around to coloring until a little while after.

Mr. Terrific..

Mr. Terrific..

If you’ve ever noticed I do way more DC sketch cards than Marvel, the reason pretty much entirely is because my dad has way more DC books with excellent photo reference.  He does have lots of Marvel books too, but they aren’t nearly as photo-heavy as the DC ones, which was kinda important when I didn’t have any way to access the interwarbs over there.

Heel & Face Captains..

Heel & Face Captains..

I’m not sure why I leaned so heavily on dad’s books for reference after I bought the tablet, but apparently I did for at least a little while.

Big Barda sketch card..

Big Barda sketch card..

This Barda sketch card is a very rare and special occurrence!  It’s one of the only cards I’ve ever completed where I liked the pencils & inks well enough, but felt like my color job almost ruined it.

Charlotte/Becky Lynch sketch card puzzle..

Charlotte/Becky Lynch sketch card puzzle..

Finishing up with some pro graps art.  First up, this dodgy, cartoony, hastily drawn puzzle of Charlotte & Becky Lynch, leaders of seemingly failed, yet actually technically successful, #DivasRevolution.  I started a Sasha & Bayley puzzle too, but it’s still at pencil stage.  And now for a wrestling rant.  Joy…

So if the idea was to be booked on the same level as the guys, well… they are consistently booked like shit too.  So as much as it sucks to say it, more frequent lengthier matches and a small handful of the women on the show getting even semi-defined characters is probably the best anyone could have reasonably hoped for.  It’s a damn shame mainline WWE is almost entirely unwatchable garbage (NXT is excellent, however), but on that sliding (circling the toilet bowl?) scale, the 8-12% of extra effort they’ve put into the divas since 3/4 of NXT’s Four Horsewomen were called up more-or-less puts the women on equal footing with the men.  Isn’t it a shame that the only really viable game in town right now is basically the Springfield Tire Fire?

NXT's Asuka..

NXT’s Asuka/the last thing you see before you die..

It isn’t all bad though.  Whereas mainline WWE is the most shitty wrestling show on the planet right now, their developmental system NXT is the very best (at least until Lucha Underground comes back in 2016).  Longform storytelling in wrestling is such a beautiful thing, and NXT does it very, very well.  The reason Bayley & Sasha Banks at TakOver: Brooklyn was such a huge deal is because that match had been for two years in the making (even if not quite entirely intentionally)!  They do right by both their men and women down there, and it is absolutely mindblowing that the main shows can’t even deliver the slightest hint of gravitas and emotional stakes that NXT does in only an hour a week + a two hour TakeOver special ever couple months or so.

Anyway, the well-traveled and pretty much universally beloved badass Kana recently debuted on NXT under the name Asuka, so I tried to capture the wonderfully terrifying glare she gave Emma & Dana Brooke at the end of her first appearance.

And that’s all I got for now.  Sorry about my not even remotely groundbreaking wrestling rant.  And remember, everything above is available.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our NXT…

A Good Run of Art

Somewhere between 1 1/2 and two weeks leading up to, and including, Christmas, I went on a pretty epic art run.  I drew a few sketch cards & a couple bigger pics of favorite wrestle ladies, and started a big random DC Comics group shot Chrimmus night, thanks to dad having one of his big comic encyclopedias handy.  I also did 20 NSFW pics over the span, mostly concept work for an idea I had.  You… won’t be seeing any of them here.  They aren’t that good anyway.  Sorry to get your hopes up. 😛

Aside from the group shot (no photo taken yet, not that far along anyway), I will show you the SFW stuff though!  You can still fap to it if you want.  I won’t judge (much).

First up, here’s ridiculously beautiful, the delightfully geeky, Japan tour-bound, New Zealand-based future wrestling legend Evie!

I'm not saying I'm in love, but, uh, maybe.. \(♥o♥)/

I’m not saying I’m in love, but, uh, maybe.. \(♥o♥)/

I have had a crush on Evie since the first time I drew her.  This is not unusual.  I am a lonesome bum and I almost always get brief mini-crushes on the pretty ladies I like to draw.  But this crush, it just don’t wanna go away. *le sigh*

Keep moving.  How about another beautiful and talented and geeky rising wrestling starlet I may or may not have a crush on?  Hit me with dat sweet, sweet Hania Huntress sketch

Hania Huntress, who is TOTALLY not Saturyne without her mask..

Hania Huntress, who is TOTALLY not an unmasked Saturyne..

Someday I will draw the She-Wolf far enough down her badass body for you to see her epic abs, but alas today is not that day.  Shame too, because she was rocking them in the pic I drew this from.

Now onto the sketch cards…



Ethan Carter III, whom you may remember as Derrick Bateman if you watched NXT.  He is an entertaining feller.

MMA legend Bas Rutten..

MMA legend Bas Rutten..

I opened up the twitter suggestion box at the beginning of this run, and my brilliant punster/MMA guru friend LegKickTKO chose him.

The Estonian Thunderfrog.  Let that sink in... ESTONIAN. THUNDERFROG.

The Estonian Thunderfrog. Let that sink in… ESTONIAN. THUNDERFROG.

It was late, so I only got two suggestions.  And this is the other, from D aka Heinekenrana, aka one of the coolest people EVER.  Estonian Thunderfrog is amazing and one of the best reasons I can think of that you should support indie wrestling, by the way.

Roman Reigns is Papa-Romeo-Echo-Tango-Tango-Yankee.  Pretty.

Roman Reigns is Papa-Romeo-Echo-Tango-Tango-Yankee. Pretty.

The Shield’s spearing machine/pretty boy/heavy/monstabeast Roman Reigns.  You are all now pregnant.  Even the guys looking at this.  Especially the guys looking at this.

NXT's Tyler Breeze..

NXT’s Tyler Breeze..

Speaking of pretty boy wrestlers, though in a less macho, more selfie-taking way, presenting Tyler Breeze.  The glittery gel pens don’t show up so well in scans, but trust me, the background is full of sparkles befitting such a superstar.



KANA is a pretty big star in Japan and the ‘Murcan indies.  I’d been meaning to draw her for awhile.  She happened to become a topic of conversation that I had no involvement in, that nonetheless spilled into my timeline during my art binge, so she got drawn.

Hey, it's Evie again..

Hey, it’s Evie again..

Oof, right in the feels.  I feel like I’m going out of my mind when she crosses it.  And I kinda like the way that feels.  Closing out this post and the year 2013 with a sketch card of Evie, because I can’t not…

And now that I’ve made a fool of myself, onward to 2014!  Happy New Year, everybody.

Until our next…