Sale #2

Lazy and unorganized I am.  But I’m back with the second part of my BOGO deal from K-Mart.  Here we have a pair of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces blasters for just $20.  What all did we get?  Base… all base.  Nothing but base… though on the plus side I did get twice as much as you normally get for $20 – a penny + tax.  And golly gee is it some pretty base.

I got 52 of 90 base cards (with 10 duplicates), and 2 of 30 shortprints, as well as 4 Yankee Stadium Legacy, but more on that later.  The SPs were of Frank Robinson, who I guess I’m collecting, and Willie Stargell, which is just ten kinds of awesome.  The best card I pulled is probably the Longoria rookie, followed by overhyped and underperforming Jay Bruce… not that I can saying anything, since I’m collecting Fukudome.  My favorite card I pulled though is Ryne Sandberg (the non-SP one), followed by the aforementioned Stargell.

The base cards look REALLY nice, though maybe a little plain.  The bordered parallels look about as perfect as cards get, but I didn’t get any, so feh.

Now onto the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.  Overall I pulled 10 of these, six from UDX and the four from these here Masterpieces.  Out of those 10, three of them were Tino Martinez!  They are all different, but WTF?!?!  That is just not fair, and it’s not the first time something like that has happened to me.  A blaster of Upper Deck Series Two this summer had two different Sparky Lyles in it.  Bite me, Upper Deck.

Anyway, much as I’d like to, and relatively minimal trouble it would probably be via trades, I don’t think I want to complete this set.  I am officially after the rest of the Cubs, the Fukudome and all it’s parallels, and the Ryno parallels as well though.  If you’d like to trade, hit me up, we can work something out.  Only the Cubs and probably the SPs aren’t on the table, everyone else is fair game,

Till the crossroads.