A Sketch Card so Weird I had to Own It

Shulkie and Luke Cage intergender match..

Shulkie and Luke Cage intergender match..

I picked this sketch card up in November and just finally got it scanned in the past week or so.  I have a page dedicated to She-Hulk sketch cards, but I dunno if this one will go in it.  I am close to blowing by my single page limit since licensed Shulkie sketches seem to be a relatively inexpensive get these days (at least compared to everyone else I collect), so it might not matter in a couple months anyway.  But anyway, this is an odd bird and a few questions are begging to be asked-

Why are She-Hulk and Luke Cage fighting in the first place?

Since She-Hulk is at the very high end of the super strength spectrum on her worst day and the the artist formerly known as Power Man is at the very low end, how is she even noticing that punch?

Err, that is Luke Cage, isn’t it?

Why does She-Hulk have short hair and jeans?

Why do I miss Luke Cage’s ridiculous original Power Man costume so much?

Oh well, it’s still a nicely drawn card, and weird enough (and juuuust cheap enough) that I happily added it to my collection.

That’s all for this post.  I’ve got three more sketch cards to post from last month, and 9(!) more between my COMC shipment and eBay winnins for December, and amongst other things, I hope to post virtually all of the entire 104 total cards over the next few weeks.  First I have to scan them though, which I’ll start as soon as finish babbling incoherently on here.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Business is about to pick up…

Luke Cage and Danny Rand

Or Power Man and Iron Fist as they are better known.  Well, actually Luke Cage is probably better known as ‘Luke Cage’ these days.  Finished off the cards awhile back but couldn’t get ’em scanned straight enough.  So I tried again and this is as good as it’s gonna get.  Enjoy.

Welcome to the '80s, and have a pleasant stay.

BONUS:  A New Challenger Appears!

I don't have a name for this sullen cutie. I just started drawing with no real plan, and she is what came out. I really like this one though. Don't ya just wanna give her a big hug?

Until our next…