Sketch Cards!

I’m back, but still not quite all the way.  Well, I might never be all the way back as a collector of sports cards, but that is neither here nor there.  I’ll be returning to irregularly regular blogging sometime in August I think.  Just trying to get all my trading affairs in order and sent, and they won’t be sent till then, cuz I am broker than broke.  I won’t go hungry, but I’ve got literally $20 for the rest of the month, chiefly because I had to finally get a new recliner.  Mine completely fell apart at the very beginning of the month, so I spent the entire 4th of July weekend marooned at the parents, and hit every place that sells used furniture in town during that time, finally finding a great new arrival on the 5th.  Seriously, it’s like a freaking throne that reclines, well worth the just north of $100 I spent on it.  That is as cheap as they got, except for a couple tiny old ones that were $30 or $40 at another place, but they weren’t even close to this one, so I had to go with it.

Anyway, no sooner am I back in my own place than I realize something is seriously amiss with my internet.  As in it was barely working when it was working, and most of the time it wasn’t working at all.  By process of elimination, it quickly became clear that the modem was/is the problem.  After doing a little research last Sunday or whenever it was, I found a couple of potential fixes to try before taking it in.

And one of them worked to a certain degree.  It improved steadily during the week and is now working fairly regularly, though usually still pretty slow.  So it will still need to be taken in to be checked out, but I have it going now, so I thought I’d let y’all know I’m still around.

Though if you follow me on twitter, you know even balky internet hasn’t done much to shut me up. 😛

I’ve made somewhat decent use of the internetless & moneyless time though.  Fleshed out more backstory for the novel, did more card organizing (even got a few packages together so far), and I

‘ve done a lot of drawing of late.  Which brings us to this post.  I have new sketch cards to share!

And away we go!:

Starting it off as sexy as my mediocre skillz can muster with the original Latina comic book heroine, Senorita Rio!

Hmm… looks like I’ve a little more shading to do.  But never mind that now.  Moving on!

A fairly awful old rendition of Street Fighter's own Ryu that I finally got around to coloring not long ago...

More Street Fighter action coming up… right now!

Ken, the main of douches everywhere. Basically just replace Ryu's name with Ken's in the above caption. Done at the same time as Ryu.

Two more for this post and I’ll save the rest for later…

This is my commission for Shot Not Taken. You may have seen it twitpic'd already if you follow me on twitter.

I received Stan Winston & Gina Torres Ink Vault autos for this. So if you’d like a commission, and if your looking to trade cards for a sketch rather than pay ca$h money, there’s an idea of the kind of hittage it may take.  A lil cash & a lil hittage may be acceptable too.

We’re going baseball for the last one for today.

Another Nick Markakis sketch card. This is a little more like what I wanted to do with the first one.

I think this is one is supposed to go to Beardy if he ever decides to claim it.  It’s been done for awhile now.  I think I did this card back while I was working on the Breygent sketch cards, so three months or more.  Think I mentioned it was done in a comment over at his place, but just recently remembered to scan it.

That’s all for now.  I’ve been working on this post off & on for a good six hours, maybe longer, due to previously mentioned internet balkiness, and general distraction.  So, um, seeya when I see ya. 😉

Until our next…

Takin’ it back to the Golden Age

I’m still not back for keeps, but seeing as a half-dozen or so of my sketch cards for Breygent’s Golden Age of Comics series have hit the eBay, I thought I’d show off a couple that I ended up being not entirely displeased with.

Yoinked straight from the auction...

The only bad thing is that you can’t see his hilarious & nonsensical furry underpants.  Oh wellz.

Moon Girl ala Sailor Moon...

So we’ve all come to realize Rob Liefield wasn’t very good, but I sooooo feel him on the hating to draw feet thing.  Next!

Miss Masque and Satana...

If you pull one of my cards, hope for one of these two lovely ladies, because they are probably about the best I did (definitely top five or so).  No ink on Satana, just colored directly over the pencil.  I likes the softness of it.

Anyway, though I tend to think a crap-ton less of my work than anyone else seems to, this was my first pro set, and I very much enjoyed it.  I am thankful for the opportunity, and I hope everyone that pulls my cards enjoys them.  I look forward to hopefully doing a few more sets throughout the rest of the year and beyond.  I’m also on the Cartoon set that’s dropping in the near future as well.  If you like the old school toons (Boop, Felix, the Magpies, etc.), you’ll dig that.  More on that another time though.

Once the toons are nearing completion, I’ll see about getting some long overdue cards sent out, and after that finalizing and moving out some long-dormant trades, and then… comes the summer purge.  More on that another time too.

Can the people I owe stuff to e-mail me a reminder of what exactly I owe them please?  Thank you. *back into the darkness I fade*