Flea Market Finds #12: Ninth Binder page + Mojo

Ugh, mojo is such a dumb word (unless we’re talking super intelligent monkey supervillains or card blogging hands), but I digress.  While the weather is hitting record highs, so to are my blog hits.  And I’m closing in on posting every day for a week straight for maybe the first time ever in the history of this blog.  Things seem to finally coming together in my little corner of the blog netherverse.

Anyway, we’re heading down the final stretch of the flea market posts.  Only a couple more posts after this!  Then I’ll have even more to post, since the flea market comes up again this Saturday.  I’ll try to do this month’s flea market finds up much quicker though.

There are also new sketch card posts in the offing.  I colored seven more last night, and hope to finish the last two Justice Leaguers and three Star Trek captains later tonight.  I also have at least three much-belated trade posts to post, and one fresh one at the moment, with more coming in the not-too-distant future.  So things aren’t going to be slowing for probably the rest of this month anyway.

I will be sending out a few trades this month too, some old (sorry it’s taken so long, guys), some new (I’m trying to be quicker about it).

That all tediously said, let’s get to the action!  Mojo Jojo Hand first!

Three-color patch-jo! Hey wait...

This was the other $1.50 card he gave me for $1 (it was apparently priced $6 at some point).  It’s pretty cool looking, but it’s odd.  The card isn’t #’ed, and the patch itself is making me say “hmm…”, because the colors seem to be reversed.  I can’t figure out where the patch could possibly have come from.  There doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the jersey where a thin strip of white patch meets red jersey with gold on the inside like that.  I is confused and mayby have the eyesight of your average NBA ref, but it was only $1, so whatevs (any information most welcome though).

I also have a regular non-patch version of this, probably pulled from an eBay “hot pack” or retail repack box at some point.  Anyway, if you want either, have at thee!

Now for the fun part of this entirely too long blog post, the next binder page!!

Beckett inserts x2, 1983 topps Traded Don Baylor, 2010 topps Joe Saunders Gold parallel /2010, 1977 topps Graig Nettles, 1983 topps Yaz, Frank Viola rookie!, 1977 topps Willie Randolph (Rookie Cup FTW!) 1983 topps Tom Seaver

Why Purchased: Hall of Famers and stars of their day on the most perfectly designed ever made, 1983 topps, and nearly vintage Yankee greats.

Keepers: Sadly, probably nada.

Notes: Why are topps Traded cards of the era ALWAYS in infinitely better shape than regular cards?

You know how you end up with the name Graig?  When one parent wants to name the kid Greg, and the other wants to name him Craig, and they decide to compromise.  Which is proof that compromise is not always a good thing.

At least they didn’t name him Jermajesty or Caleb or something awful like that.

I didn’t know the Viola was a rookie until I was fooling around looking up late-’70s/mid-’80s rookies by year on Check Out My Cards.

I enjoy Rookie Cups and Rated Rookies entirely too much.

Mind-Blowing Statistic: Yaz had three 40-home run seasons, and no others over 30 (or 28 to be exact).

I was struggling to come up with something, but that’s a pretty good interesting stat right?  All cards except Willie Randolph are available (he’ll be going out in a way overdue trade).  Thanks for stopping by!

I feel like chicken tonight!

Got Mah Mojo Back (My God Mojo is an Annoying Word)

Saturday my beloved Cubbies’ season ended.  I’m not pleased… but, I am an eternal optimist.  I always try to stay positive.  It goes beyond being a Cubs fan.  I just am.  And sooner or later, we WILL win it all.  Of that, I have no doubt.

Before the game I was out though and got my annual dose of deep fried oreos.  Had a delicious but far too small steak kabob and some lil sugary donuts too.  Canival type food rocks in October.  All I needed was some apple cider.  I don’t really like apple cider, but the cool weather and turning leaves and freshly fried dough just makes me want it for some reason.  One thing i will miss when I leave here is the fall.  It is amazing.  That is a post for another time though.

The after is what I want to talk about right now though.  I went to Shopko.  Not having enough for any of the hobby boxes they had (SP Rookie Edition for $55 was tempting me greatly), because I wasted so much on that Prime Dogs*** on Friday, I just went through the $1.59 clearance boxes… yes boxes.  There were FOUR FULL BOXES of $1.59 packs.  I picked up an ’07 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, ’04 Fleer InScribed, Two packs of ’06 Fleer Ultra Hobby, 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man, and one regular priced pack of 2008 Allen & Ginter, because I likey the minis.

InScribed was all base, as was 40-Man, though I still like it even though I’ve never gotten a damn thing out of it or it’s football counterpart, except some shinny Texans rookie that didn’t do that much.  One pack of Fleer Ultra had a (slightly damaged) Zambrano insert in it, and nothing else of note.  Allen Ginter had an SP mini Ginter Back which is something like 1:65 packs I think.  Naturally, this was a Dodger.  #337 Jason Schmidt… Oh well, it’s still a nice card.  Any Dodgers fans out there want it?

The first and fourth packs, in the order they were opened, were Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects and the other Fleer Ultra pack, respectively.  Both of them had jersey cards in them.  First from BDPP, we have Seattle Mariners prospect Michael Saunders, who, judging by his progression and statistics, is actually fairly promising.  He is only 22 and has made it to AAA already, and seeing as Seattle sucks pretty horribly, he may get a shot on the big club if he gets off to a hot start.  And in Fleer Ultra, we have above average catcher Ramon Martinez, who has been around for quite awhile and been productive wherever he’s been.  Not a hobby star obviously, but a solid player nonetheless.  I’ve pulled plenty worse sadly.

Two hits, and a rather hard to get non-hit, in six packs.  I think this qualifies as finally getting my “mojo” back.  What a lame word, by the way.  People that say it without irony in their video box breaks sound… foolish… yeah, just foolish.  I’m feeling generous today, what can I say?  At any rate, my mystical powers are working again.  Or I’m being patient enough to let them work again.  I dunno.  Someday I’ll explain… just as soon as I figure it out myself.  Right now we’ll just call it “hit sense”.

There ya have it, about $11 worth of packs completely destroyed Friday’s $24… if only I could go to Shopko more often.  Since they don’t seem to be jacking up the single pack prices by 10% anymore, with all the clearance stuff they have, and factoring in the random hobby boxes, Shopko has a huge selection, and is THE place to get cards here.  Once upon a time, I also found the PS2 game “The Red Star” there.  What?

Mojo sad...

Mojo sad...

Until our next,