Weight Loss

For the entirety of 2013 I have weighed in comfortably below 200 lbs (as low as 189).  I’ve been running (maybe more like leisurely paced jogging, but still) since sometime last summer, when I realized I could make the entire 2+ mile trip to my parents without stopping.  I eat… well, not healthily.  Healthy food is often not cheap, and the lack of space for preparation and my tolerance for the tedious work involved make it difficult even for relatively simple salads.  However, I usually eat the usually-not-as-healthy-as-I’d-like food in an relatively controlled way.  My body tends to back up on me and my stomach turns into an atomic fireball of horrible pain until sufficiently unloaded if I gorge too much.  Even aside from that though, I learned that I don’t particularly enjoy eating anyway.  I despise the feeling of not being able to control myself when I eat.  Something to do with all that time on the bad med combo that made me constantly, desperately hungry and ballooned me up to around 300 lbs made, I’d imagine.

As for the physical improvements elevating my activity level and not pigging out that often have caused, well, my posture seems to have noticeably improved.  I feel taller in certain situations anyway.  My thighs are still rather spindly, but they are noticeably more solid and less flabby.  My bootay is a little smaller and less gelatinous too (my apologies for that mental image).  I can pretty comfortably fit into all my 38″ waist shorts & pants, and my 42s are almost too big to wear anymore at all, even with belts.  My calves, which have always been the only part of my body with any noticeable muscle, thanks to being relatively active in my youth I guess, almost seem a little smaller, but they are unquestionably sturdier & stronger as well.  Last, but certainly not least, it seems the more I run, the less my ever creaky (due to being naturally misaligned) knees seem to bother me.  This is undoubtedly due to less weight being put on them, and perhaps also the overall increase in the strength of the rest of my legs.

193 lbs..

Me at approximately 193 lbs.  Unfortunately I have no real “before” pics to show the difference, but you wouldn’t have needed to see me shirtless to know how far I’ve come along anyway..

As you can see, my upper half is still very much on doughy side, but despite not doing a much work on my upper body, there’s an awful lot less dough behind that gut than there used to be.  I had started working my upper body a bit by dancing/flailing around with light, 5 lbs weights for 20-30 minutes at a time recently, but that got derailed for awhile after I tripped while running and landed awkwardly on my wrist & elbow.  My wrist & forearm are feeling about right again though, so immediately after I post this, I’m going to start back up with it, though I’ll probably need to ease myself back into the flow of things.

Make no mistake, I am not strong yet, and I am not slim yet.  But, for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m finally on my way.  To know I’m making noticeable strides… That is a pretty damn cool feeling.

So take heart if you yourself are struggling to get in better shape.  It has literally taken me years of little tweaks just to get to this level of small personal victory, and I think that is the probably best way to go for most people.  I think sometimes it’s just best to forget the specific regimen/goals, and just try to change one little thing for the better here & there, where and when you can.  It’s also much easier to bounce back from setbacks, and there will be setbacks, when you aren’t putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself as well.  I guess what I’m saying is, that idea of just trying to be a little better every day… I think there might be something to it. 😉

So I guess that’s all for this one, folks.  We’ll probably get back to cards, or at least art, in the coming days.  Thanks for dropping by!


I haven’t peaked yet, not even close.  I have barely even started climbing the mountain…