2005 topps Pack Wars Live Break

I wanted to try to do a Youtube break with these, but I’m far too lazy.  Another time mayhaps.

Here we go, pack 1… good grief these things are hard to open!

Game pack 1

139 Scott Hatteberg

147 Matt Lawton parallel #ed 54/56

99 Jason Kendall

Game pack 2

123 Miguel Tejada

143 Shawn Green

49 Milton Bradley

Prize pack


Pack 2

Game Pack 1

16 Derrek Lee- Keeper!

77 Eric Hinske

158 Luis Gonzalez

Game Pack 2

123 Miguel Tejada

143 Shawn Green

49 Milton Bradley- I got effin’ Bipped! 😡

Prize Pack

PWR-MRB Manny Ramirez BAT Relic- Not bad, not bad.

Pack 3

Game Pack 1

113 Roy Oswalt- Hey, I finally got a pitcher.

15 Manny Ramirez

68 Tony Batista

Game Pack 2

8 Bartolo Colon

47 Sean Casey- Stat Power 93!  Same as A-Rod. :O

14 Darin Erstad

Prize Pack

PWR-SS Sammy Sosa BAT Relic- Keeper!

Pack 4

Game Pack 1

142 Scott Podsednik

100 Vladimir Guerrero- Keeper!

159 Javy Lopez

Game Pack 2

168 Nick Johnson

105 Adam Dunn

135 Jacque Jones- Throwback uni… Keeper!

Prize Pack

PWR-RP Rafael Palmeiro BAT Relic- Meh, they can’t all be winners.

Pack 5

Game Pack 1

154 Jose Reyes

99 Jason Kendall

119 Bret Boone

Game Pack 2

168 Nick Johnson

157 Mark Teixeira

140 Gary Sheffield

Prize Pack

PWA-MY Michael Young AUTOGRAPH- He’s Pretty good.

So there you have it.  I think I did pretty decent, even getting Bipped.  What say you?

The hits:

Zack Greinke Auto

Michael Young Auto

Sammy Sosa Bat- Keeper

Manny Ramirez Bat

Rafael Palmeiro Bat

Matt Lawton parallel #ed /56

Everything not listed as a keeper is available for trade.

More Discount Cards from K-Mart #2

Here is box number two of the three 1/2-price 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes boxes from K-Mart.  I’ll just throw a keeper or say it’s going to next to the keepers or already reserved cards.

Pack 1

3 Chris Young

96 Prince Fielder

137 Pat Burrell

YSL5611 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy

41 Ernie Banks Black- Keeper.

Pack 2

186 Vladimir Guerrero/Ichiro Suzuki/Manny Ramirez- Keeper.

148 Barry Zito- This one’s going to Dinged Corners.

118 Hideki Matsui

49 Aaron Harang

67 Al Kaline Black

Pack 3

174 Lastings Milledge

73 J.R. Towles

170 Vernon Wells

YSL5636 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy- Uncool Upper Deck.  That’s three times now…

64 Miguel Cabrera Black

Pack 4

103 Rod Carew- MAYBE keeper.

19 Mike Lowell

86 Chone Figgins

26 Curt Shilling

108 Johan Santana Black

Pack 5

196 Derek Jeter/Ken Griffey Jr./Cal Ripken Jr./Ichiro Suzuki- Keeper.

44 Paul Konerko

11 Jeff Francoeur

63 Gary Sheffield

164 B.J. Upton Black

Pack 6

176 Don Mattingly/Wade Boggs- Shoebox Legends… probably.  I’ve got plenty of Red Sox ready to send to him, so if a Mattingly collector steps up, I can let this one go to you instead.

71 Andrew Miller

125 Don Mattingly

36 Alfonso Soriano- Keeper.

195 Mike Schmidt/Ernie Banks/Frank Robinson Black- Keeper.

Pack 7

17 John Maine

43 Jermaine Dye

107 David Wright

180 Cal Ripken Jr./Tony Gwynn Gold(?) Parallel #’d 004/299– Numbered Parallel w00t!!

12 Josh Hamilton Black

Pack 8

190 Don Mattingly/Dave Winfield/Reggie Jackson

172 Frank Thomas

145 Greg Maddux

34 Wade Boggs- Shoebox Legends.

39 Carlos Zambrano Black- Keeper.

Pack 9

141 Joe Blanton

10 Brian McCann

144 Jake Peavy- Missing.  I think he must’ve fallen on the floor or something.  I wonder if that’s why the trade didn’t work out… *ducks a pair of shoes thrown by D-Train, only to be hit in the face by a third*

YSL5661 Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy

87 Andruw Jones Black

There ya go.  I have pulled four numbered parallels from packs and boxes and have yet to pull the same color twice.  One red (Volquez), one blue (Berkman), one gold-ish (Ripken/Gwynn), one green (forthcoming but already taken).

I’m getting kinda tweaked about getting more than one Yankee Stadium Legacy of the same guy from the same blaster for the third time now.

Everybody without a keeper by their name is up for grabs.  Let me know, cheeky Wii monkeys.  Aloha.

Over and out!