Luke Cage and Danny Rand

Or Power Man and Iron Fist as they are better known.  Well, actually Luke Cage is probably better known as ‘Luke Cage’ these days.  Finished off the cards awhile back but couldn’t get ’em scanned straight enough.  So I tried again and this is as good as it’s gonna get.  Enjoy.

Welcome to the '80s, and have a pleasant stay.

BONUS:  A New Challenger Appears!

I don't have a name for this sullen cutie. I just started drawing with no real plan, and she is what came out. I really like this one though. Don't ya just wanna give her a big hug?

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Last Night’s Work

I’m still struggling to come up with anything useful to say.  Been broke since about the 9th & haven’t picked up any cards since.  Not motivated to finish any of the incomplete drafts, but I do feel like posting something.  So here be the two sketch cards I drew on ustream last night:

They are Power Man & Iron Fist, a '70s-'80s classic.

It’s a little hard to tell (which is a good thing), but these are two separate cards.  It turned out much better than the first time I tried a puzzle card.  This one is actually even!  But anyway, I’ll color this soon.  Maybe even tonight if I get around to it.

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