More Sketch Cards

My internet is back!  Give Jose a raise!  Until I pick up the scans of my mutant Allen & Ginter blaster, here’s more sketch cards for you today.  I have more sketch card scans too, so there will be more posts like this as well.  Or maybe I’ll just post one here & there when there isn’t much to do.  But anyway, here’s more sketch cards, including the missing Ryu from the last post.  Let’s rock this roll.

Vampirella! I don't know how she ended up here when I uploaded her third, but w/e, WordPress.

Cloak & Dagger! Really like how this one turned out. Gotta do more like this. 🙂

Here's Ryu. As mediocre as advertised.

Last two are a webcomic idea that may or may not see the light of day.  Who wants some serious war story with chibis?


Gio. Less evil than he appears. Way less.

There ya go.  Hope ya like ’em. 🙂

Until our next…