RIP, Mr. Cub…

Just basically been crying off & on for the past 20 minutes.  I was just going to post stuff I got in a trade when I got back tonight.  I don’t think the words to describe the importance and awesomeness of Ernie Banks have been invented yet.  I… I dunno what to say.  I’m just gonna leave these artistic renditions of the brightest and most revered star in my team’s rich history.

By Dave the Cardboard Junkie..

By Dave the Cardboard Junkie..

I guess that all these

tears mean I still have a soul

Thank you for all the

memories of your great life

in the greatest pastime, Ernie

By me..

By me..

We’ll miss you forever, Mr. Cub…

Y’know, I Hear it Actually Rains Treats in Kitty Heaven

My mom emailed today telling me her cat died sometime today.


There she is... she looks annoyed, lol.

She was around 13 years old, so she was getting up there a bit, but hardly an old fart (especially considering one of the cats we had when I was younger lived to be 22 or so).  You’d never have guessed she was well into her second decade, as spry as she was.  She was in very good health, which makes her sudden death all the more upsetting.  She hadn’t been on the decline at all, and I’m told she was doing quite well even just a couple hours before she was found dead in the closet in my parents room.


My brother drew this awhile back.

RIP Tater.  I don’t think you liked me much, but it’s okay.  You will be missed.