Countdown to Return

No ETA, but I’ll be back soon.  Until then, enjoy this ridonkulous serendipitous blaster pull and the jibba-jabba after:

The reason I find it serendipitous is because I bought the blaster I pulled this from at K-Mart (came out of the very last pack, no less), and while I was there I also found (and bought) a Derrick Rose jersey in the right size on the clearance rack for 1/2-price.  Maybe it was meant to be.

It is a sticker auto if you can’t tell, which some may find disappointing, especially considering the card isn’t glossy, but it’s chicken scratch from one of the best young stars in the NBA, so I don’t mind.  After finding a checklist, it looks like there were only a handful of better possible pulls from this 60-card set (LeBron, Kobe, MJ, and the like), but he’s definitely in that top-tier of 10 or 12 you’d be absolutely thrilled to beat the odds and score.  This card slides in very near, and depending on if Gordon Beckham gets around to playing like he’s capable, maybe at the top of my all-time best retail pull list.

I didn’t even know there were autographs in that year’s Fleer.  There wasn’t even a mention of them on the blaster anywhere, only jersey cards.  From what I can tell, the autos aren’t an every hobby box occurrence either, so the retail odds are probably pretty crazy.  It’s nice to know that nice hits do exist in retail though, and it’s even nicer to pull one every now and again.

And for the record, shouting “MOJO!!” never crossed my mind.  I was too busy nearly hyperventilating for that nonsense. 😛

Won’t be long now…