The H-Word

No, not hell.

Not even hentai (sadness, I know.  Sorry.).

I’m on hiatus.

I love you, goodbye.

I’ll stop in long enough to scan some stuff when I can, as well as posting an interesting non-sport box break, but don’t expect a Heartbreaking Cards-type non-hiatus hiatus, not even close (though I do hope to contribute more to his brainchild APtbNL in the future).  Sleep has gone mostly to crap again (barely coherent as I write this), and it’s backing up the Breygent sketch cards, and I can’t keep my sh*t together even to the most marginal degree to start with.  So something’s gotta give, and this is it for now.  The endless quest for consistently decent sleep, sketch cards, and a massive rearranging of crap that probably requires a professional rearranger of crap looms, so until I have time, inspiration, and focus to blog again beyond a cameo, this is my “lost my smile” speech, and I guess I’ll see y’all when I sees ya.

Also, know that I’m not skipping out on anybody.  All previous trades are still on (email me with details, I’m not even sure I remember half of them anymore… *sigh* click the blogger profile on the sidebar, my email addy is there), and those that I already owe should find cards owed in your various mailboxes… eventually.  I’ve failed so many times, I guess just knowing that they will get there someday is the best consolation I can offer (thank you all for being way more understanding about my slowness than I am with myself, btw… it’s something I guilt trip over often :().  And I’ll be sure to check up on some of your blogs from time-to-time when the mood strikes or if you link it in a tweet.

I guess it’s no coincidence I’m mostly closing up shop at a time when baseball especially, and sports cards in general… well, let’s just say I couldn’t give two delightfully disgusting Gellman-esque unnecessarily specific descriptions of poop about sports cards right now.  All my card related concern is being poured into the sketch cards at hand, with just a pinch leftover to pick up the odd sketch card or Project S.T.A.L.K.E.R. addition (mission accomplished on both accounts this month).  I’m not sure when or if the sports card itch will ever fully return, but the blogging itch will, so the focus may shift rather harshly upon returning to irregular regularity, though I’m unsure what the focus might shift to.

And, Beardy, your Markaki sketch card is done.  The couple of peeps that were cool enough to stay up waaaay into the night to see me draw it up were quite impressed, so I hope you will be too.

Finally, being a bigtime professional artist now (I couldn’t even come close to typing that with a straight face, just so you know :P), you should totally commission me for money.  Cash will come in immeasurably handy when I make my big escape from crappytown, much moreso than for cards I plan to keep.  And since there’s no messy as hell collection to fight, you’ll actually get them shortly after they’re finished.  How long they take to finish… is another matter entirely.

Now I’m going to shut up because this post is proving way less short & sweet than I was intending.  Much love and a temporary goodbye.

Until our next…