Now I’m Ready

Last night was awesome!  I did one sketch card start to finish that I’d been meaning to do for awhile, and inked & colored about a half dozen more.  As such, I’m feeling plenty good enough to mess with cards and my blog again.  And not a moment too soon either.  More cards from Tim arrived today, these being the ones for the Eddie Mathews jersey.  Lots of great stuff in there. 🙂  Also, two Deron Williams jerseys arrived from Shot Not Taken.  And a new Brooke Morales card came from eBay, and a couple more should be arriving soon.  Project S.T.A.L.K.E.R. progresses, lol.

I’m still not going to post any trades yet though.  And no, I don’t care if Thorzul hates trade posts.  I don’t even think he’s ever been to my blog anyway.  I just wanted to take a minute right now to give some major props to some people involved in the National Chicle bruhaha over the weekend.

First, dayf the Cardboard Junkie for rants that pretty much summed up everything that’s wrong with and/or pisses us off about the hobby.  They were passionate and on-point to such a degree that I’d have to say he should probably now be considered one of the leading voices on the current state of the hobby.

Next, Chris Olds, the face of Beckett on the internet.  A fair bit of dayf’s wrath was directed at him, but his coverage of things was pretty decent, and raised my opinion of him a lil’ bit.  I don’t really know him beyond the smug, garish ogre he is hopelessly characterized as by many of the leading bloggers, but ol’ boy handled his business well enough here, and proved he has something resembling of journalistic skillz, so I’ll give him his due.

Next, it was great to hear from the artists commissioned by topps to do the upcoming National Chicle set, particularly Paul Lempa who did the Chipper/Ruth in modern Braves uni/Magglio Ordonez (that’s who it looks like to me, dammit!) card everybody got all militant about.  Being a wannabe artist, it pleased me that the dude was so positive about everything.  The same can’t be said for all the artists interviewed, but that’s where we’re going next.

Finally, to Sooz of a Cardboard Problem for the verbal whoopin’ on Monty Sheldon, explaining why crankypants’ quote was incredibly an douchy and arrogant one.  Good work, Sooz!  It stated why we are awesome, what you get yourself into as a writer/artist/entertainer of any kind, and made me proud to be a part of this hobby. 🙂

Until our next, I leave you with this, just because…

The tiniest swatch of Carlton Fisk jersey ever!

I am the Bazooka Joe heartthrob du jour…