Under Consideration

I’m thinking about doing something.  They’ve got a whole mess of discount blasters at K-Mart still.  It seems a shame to let them all go to waste, but I after my hobby box from Shopko, I’m pretty much done with buying cards of my own for the forseeable future.  I’m wondering though, does anybody want to do a group blaster break?

I’d like to get a at the very least 12 people, but preferably 14 (I’ll play too unless the turnout is good enough that 15 people wish to buy in), who would be interested.  So if you should come across this and like the idea, spread the word, because if you’ve noticed my hit counter, very few people actually read this blog. 😛

As for specifics, I’d like to get 10 blasters.  Does $9.00 per person for two teams sound good?  That should cover all the blasters and some, if not most, of the shipping, provided we get a full turnout of 14 or 15.  Even still, 12 will cover the blasters.  And I’ll of course cover you with stuff from my own collection if you get the shaft.  Heck, I’ll probably do it a little regardless (unless you completely pwn the break).  I’m cool like that.

I’ll be out tomorrow, barring something going wrong, so I can check out exactly what all they’ve got and pass it along.  The selection isn’t the greatest, but stuff apparently continues to trickle in, so there may be a new thing or two there, or maybe not.  We’ll see.  I can put the final decision of what and how many up to vote, if we actually get that far.

Thanks for your consideration, and have a funderful day.